Returns & Exchanges


In addition to the conditions specifically provided for in the preceding paragraph, the customer should also consider the fact that, if the product to be returned has been purchased as part of a promotional campaign and, therefore, has benefited from a product-offer, both those items have to be returned. For that reason, all the products must comply with the returning conditions abovementioned.

As per the products set in packs, it will only be accepted the return of the full packs. If a product that belongs to a pack is to be returned, all the products belonging to the same pack must be returned. All products must comply with this return policy.

The item (s) should be sent to the following address:

PROZIS – Centro Logístico

Rua do Cais n.º 198, Fontarcada, 4830-345 Póvoa de Lanhoso, Portugal

Incomplete, damaged or scratched products, products without their original packaging and/or label, or products with evidence of unlawful use, will not be accepted. It will not be accepted, as well, the return of free products or of products that have been obtained via the conversion of ProzisPoints; the return of products with a shelf-life less than one month, underwear, swimwear, personal care products or the return of other articles the use of which implies or comes into direct contact with skin, will not be accepted either. Thus, PROZIS reserves the right to evaluate the condition of the packaging of the products, deciding whether or not to accept the return of the items whenever the respective packaging is not intact.

Due to their nature, the return of Prozis Gift Cards will not be accepted either.


Remark: the lack of any of the requirements deemed necessary to put back the product in stock for sale, namely the respective instruction manual, in its original condition, shall entail the immediate classification of the product as incomplete and, consequently non-returnable.


Every single product to be returned shall, for that reason, be shipped in accordance to the abovementioned conditions, this meaning that the carrier's label shall be attached to the original transport packaging box or to an alternative box chosen by the customer but which may ensure the proper conditions of the product. If this should be the case, the alternative box will be destroyed as soon as the product is confirmed as intact and complete.

If any of the previous conditions are not met, the customer will lose the right to be refunded and will have 10 days to collect the item (s) at the said facilities, at their own expenses. The collection must be made by a carrier appointed by the customer as the collection by natural persons, not even by the customer, is not permitted.

If any item is not received under the abovementioned conditions or with a shipping label attached directly to the packaging, the customer will lose the right to be refunded and will have 10 days to collect the item (s) at the said facilities, at their own expenses.



As a rule, exchanges of products will not be possible. This means that, in order to obtain the exchange of the product(s), the customer shall return the item (s), request a refund and make a new purchase. The entire return procedure is properly described in the item Returns in what concerns the acceptance requirements to be met.


Remark: PROZIS reserves the right to accept the return of clothing products for future exchange if the customer, at their own expense, makes the respective return to the warehouse above identified and the product is received in accordance to the terms described in the item Returns above set, namely regarding the conservation status. In that case, and if the product is considered suitable for stock replacement, a coupon for the free-addition, in a future order, of the same product will be issued. To that end, the same conditions of use of such coupon will be applicable, as provided in the Coupons tab. If the returned product is not in the conditions described above, the customer will be sent a message stating the rejection of the return with an indication of the time-limit for the collection, in the warehouse, of the product originally sent.


Refund Methods

PROZIS will endeavor to promptly reimburse the customer although having, to that end, a period of 15 days from the receipt, in the warehouse above indicated, of the returned order.

The refund of payments made by credit card will be made to the credit card itself and will predictably be reflected on the following bank statement.

The customer may also choose to be refunded through a discount coupon, regardless of the original payment method. The coupon will be valid for 12 months from its creation date. After that date, no refund will be possible.


Returning Costs

Upon notification for that purpose and the confirmation that an error on the shipped items has occurred, or that defective products have been sent to customer, PROZIS will bear the returning costs of products via the collection of the same on the delivery address. In order to arrange so and for any required clarification, the Customer Care Service will contact the customer.