How to order?

The ordering and purchasing process is only possible after the creation of a customer account and/or the customer's login to the online store, after which the various sequential steps of the process should be followed.

On a side table, accessible via the Help menu, the customer may find several sub-headings with detailed information regarding the main steps and procedures of the purchasing process. At any time before completing the purchasing process, the customer may return to preceding stages. The Customer Care Service may also be contacted for further clarification.


Payment Terms and Methods

Upon completion of the ordering process within the customer's personal account, the purchase will be registered and the customer will have a deadline, indicated in the payment method selected, to proceed to the payment. At the end of that period, if no confirmation of payment is received, the order will be irreversibly cancelled by the system, with no possibility of reactivation. For that reason, a new order should be placed on the same day so to ensure the same conditions as those in force on that day.

Some payment methods allow the storage of the data required to carry out the payment transaction. However, in this context, no personal data of the customer will be stored, which means that the management of the data should be done directly with the service provider. Exception should be made for situations where the payment service provider allows the management of personal data to be done directly on our website; in such case, whenever in compliance with the applicable legal provisions, the indications issued by the provider will be followed, in particular if regarding the protection of personal data. In either case, no data related to the customer's payment information will be stored without prior and clear information of such processing.