How to order?

The ordering and purchasing process is only possible once a customer account has been created and/or the customer has logged in to the online store. Following this, the various steps of the ordering process should be followed, allowing for the registration of said purchase.    


Payment Terms and Methods


  Upon completion of the ordering process in the customer’s personal account, the purchase will be registered, and the customer will have a payment deadline, which will be indicated in the selected payment method. Once this deadline expires, and if payment has not yet been confirmed, the order will be cancelled. Some payment methods allow for the storage of information necessary for payment. However, if so, no customer personal data will be stored, meaning any data management should be handled directly with the service provider. Exceptions should be made for situations where the service provider allows personal data management to be handled directly on our website. In this case, whenever in compliance with the applicable legal provisions, any provider instructions will be followed, especially when it comes to the protection of personal data. In either case, no payment information provided by the customer will be stored unless the customer has previously agreed to it and given their express consent.