PROZIS offers several payment methods for purchases made through the online store:


Credit card


  The use of this payment method entails presupposes, at least until the moment of purchase, the indication of the card’s sixteen digits and the three digits of the security code (CCV), its expiry date and the name of its holder, which must correspond to the name of the account holder or to the name of one of the members of his household. If these conditions are not met, the customer may be asked to provide additional details in order to comply with fraud detection and security control procedures.    


    Is it safe to make an online payment using my credit card?    


  All transactions on our website are secure.
  PROZIS uses a sophisticated fraud detection and prevention mechanism. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to confirm the authenticity of payments made online, simultaneously ensuring the integrity and security of the customer's data as well as their identity. This security is enabled by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, which encrypts communications between the customer's software and our server so that communications cannot be intercepted. Therefore, PROZIS reserves the right to refuse the payment of an order if the transaction is found to be unlawful. Any and all activities deemed illegal will be immediately reported to the competent authorities.    


        3D Secure    


  3D Secure is a communication protocol designed to improve the security of online payments and enable the authentication of the credit card user by the bank that issued it. Following payment to an online store, a process is triggered to verify if the card used is valid. Should the credit card be considered valid, security systems associated with the 3D Secure protocol check the customer’s identity, resorting to the credit card issuing bank in real-time, which, in turn, validates the customer's identity and confirms that the card being used is legitimate. This aims to protect credit card holders by reducing the likelihood of fraudulent use of their cards, ensuring greater effectiveness of the transaction. This protocol is used by Visa under the name "Verified By Visa" and by Mastercard under the name "Secure Code."   


  How are credit card payments processed?    


  After selecting the credit card payment option and clicking "Buy" on the last stage of the purchase process, the customer will be redirected to the Redunicre webpage where credit card details—credit card number, expiration date, security code—must be entered. Following this, the customer must click the "I validate my payment" button to complete the transaction.
  If payment is declined, there will be an error message in the shopping cart window. If so, trying again is recommended. However, if the problem persists, we recommend contacting the bank or the credit card issuing entity for further information.
  Once paid, the amount will be debited from the customer's credit card account. If, for any reason, the order needs to be fully or partially canceled, the amount will be refunded within five working days. This transaction will be displayed on the customer's credit card statement within two business days from the refund date.    

        Please note:   Payments are always made in euros, even when prices are displayed in other currencies. Some banking entities may charge exchange rates. PROZIS is totally unaware of this fact and therefore takes no responsibility for it.     

According to country, PROZIS may offer other payment methods, whose descriptions will be made available by Customer Service upon request:
       SEPA bank transfers
      Instant bank transfers
       Deferred payment
    Mobile payment

Please note: Due to current economic conditions and recent international constraints, all payment methods may not be available at the same time. For this reason, the identification and conditions of use of each payment method available are published at the last step of the order process, immediately before confirmation. These conditions will, as such, only be valid for that specific purchase, considering, for this purpose and whenever applicable, their validity.