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  • Prozis Saqueta Yummy
  • Prozis Saqueta Yummy
  • Prozis Saqueta Yummy


All in good taste

Prozis Saqueta Yummy

Tired of the same bland, uninspired foods day in, day out? Waiting for a refreshing breeze to blow through your kitchen and make all your daily go-to foods taste new and exciting without drastically increasing their energy value? All of this is now possible thanks to Prozis Yummy, the incredibly versatile instant yummification powder that turns your oatmeal, yoghurt or whatever else you have in mind into an authentic treat!

Go for a more delicious version of your breakfast staples and other foods. Simply choose your favourite from our wide selection of flavours, and mix it in! Oh, and before we forget: it's also been enriched with vitamin C.

Easier done
than said

Prozis Saqueta Yummy

Add, mix, eat.

Three words, but it's actually easier to do it than to explain it. One 4 g sachet packs all the flavour you could want for, say, a bowl of porridge. And if that seems a bit much for you, simply add a little less. As easy - and at least as tasty - as pie!

Leave the sugar, grab the Yummy

To add flavour, a bit of Yummy powder will do the trick perfectly. The sugar with all its empty calories can stay in the cupboard where it belongs, along with the honey and sugary syrups. Yummy is truly all you need to give flavour to whatever it is you're making, whether it's an elaborate cake or a bowl of plain muesli.

Imagine the surprised looks when your friends or family taste a seemingly plain food you've prepared for them, and discover a wealth of yummy flavour! You'll leave everyone amazed and curious about your little secret in a sachet.

Flavour your ice lollies

Flavour your oatmeal

Flavour your cakes

Flavour your shakes

Flavour your yoghurt

Vitamin C plays a key role in:

  • Prozis Saqueta Yummy

    Normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin

  • Prozis Saqueta Yummy

    Maintaining the normal function of the immune system

  • Prozis Saqueta Yummy

    Collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels

  • Prozis Saqueta Yummy

    Normal energy-yielding metabolism

  • Prozis Saqueta Yummy

    Normal collagen formation for the normal function of bones and cartilage

  • Prozis Saqueta Yummy

    Normal collagen formation for the normal function of gums and teeth

  • Prozis Saqueta Yummy

    Normal functioning of the nervous system and normal psychological function

  • Prozis Saqueta Yummy

    Protection of cells from oxidative stress

  • Prozis Saqueta Yummy

    Reduction of tiredness and fatigue

  • Prozis Saqueta Yummy

    Regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E

Note: We recommend you consult a physician or nutritionist if you have any questions regarding the use of this product. Nutritional information may vary depending on flavour.
* Images presented are merely for illustrative and promotional purposes only. The product's final image may be altered.
Yummy 4 g - Breakfast & Between Meals | Prozis
Quantity: 4 g
Batch: I1966196
Best before end:  2021-10-31
% RI (*)
13 kcal = 54 kJ
0 g
0 g
3.24 g
0.31 g
0 g
0.01 g
180 mg
* Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/ 2000 kcal).
Maltodextrin, Acids (Citric Acid, Malic Acid), Flavourings (Flavoring, Natural Flavouring), Thickeners (Guar Gum, Acacia gum), Radish, Apple and Blackcurrant Concentrate, Acidity Regulators (Tricalcium Phosphate, Trisodium Citrate), Sweeteners (Acesulfame K, Sucralose, Steviol Glycosides), L-Ascorbic Acid.
Instructions: Add 1 sachet (4g) to your desired food. You can adjust this amount to your preference. This product can also be used as a recipe ingredient.
Product Alerts:
With sweeteners. Contains naturally occurring sugars. Store in a cool, dry place.
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Yummy 4 g

Bored with your day-to-day food routine? The many flavours of Prozis Yummy will breathe new life into even the dullest foods. Yummify your life!
Yummy 4 g



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