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True Grip

  • Better grip no matter the exercise
  • No more calluses, sweaty or smelly gloves
  • Strong yet supple construction
Prozis Prozis Neoprene Belt

Equip Grip!

What parts of the body don't improve when you pick up weights? The hands! Hands actually have to endure a lot during heavy weight sessions. They get sore and develop calluses or even painful blisters. Gloves, then? Sure, gloves may help, but they often don't allow the hands to breathe, making them sweaty and smelly. By protecting but not overly covering the hands, Prozis True Grip is the solution to these problems, exactly what you need to be able to focus on what really matters: your muscles and your movements.

Prozis Prozis Neoprene Belt

All Bars Held

Perfect for the gym, your True Grip will be by your side whenever you go for a barbell, dumbbell, or pull-up bar session. Made from strong yet supple neoprene, these amazingly functional pads allow your skin to breathe, and your fingers to grab your workout equipment firmly and strain-free. This way they will help keep you from getting distracted, instead allowing you to keep focused on the task at hand. Forget about calluses, sweat, bad smells and poor grip. Prozis True Grip will give you a workout experience that's smoother than ever before!

Made in Non EU
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True Grip - Prozis

True Grip - Prozis


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