10 good reasons why you should drink water

Patrícia Coriel

Personal Trainer

The human body is made up of 65% water, on average. Water is our biggest food source, since we can survive only 6 to 9 days without water, but 5 weeks without food without withering (P.S.: don't try this at home, folks). However, many people say they don't like drinking water and therefore ingest little to none. We are celebrating World Water Day this month. To enlighten you on the benefits of drinking water every day, we will list below some of the reasons why you should start changing your food habits and increasing your WATER intake!

"Water has no calories, sugar, fat or carbohydrates and helps you lose weight". Check this basic diet plan to lose weight and burn fats.

1) It fights fluid retention

The volume of our body is often not only made up of fat or the muscles we showcase, but excess water that can be as high as 2.5 kg per person. Why does this happen? As mentioned above, the human body is made up of 65% water and loses about 2.5 L of water per day. Water is present in most foods and even people who drink little or none will end up ingesting the minimum amounts necessary to ensure their survival. However, when we don't restore our water levels, we create an imbalance. One of the possible reactions to this imbalance is storing water in certain parts of our body, such as the thighs, legs, waist, hands and feet. How do you fight fluid retention? Easy! By drinking water, infusions or sugar-free tea!

2) It keeps your hunger under control

Did you know we tend to mistake thirst for hunger? It's true! There are several studies that prove dehydration is often mistaken for hunger by our brain. Drink more water and control your appetite and the calories you ingest.

3) It helps you lose weight

Water has no calories, sugar, fat or carbohydrates. If we create the habit of replacing soft drinks with water whenever we feel the need to drink, we will end up ingesting less calories, as well as preventing other illnesses associated with consuming soft drinks and other sugary foods.

4) It keeps your skin healthy

Skin is constantly exposed to pollution and sun rays. One of the most simple, effective and cheap ways of keeping your skin hydrated and young is ingesting water, as it makes up most of our cells. The results of a skin that is hydrated due to ingesting water regularly are much more satisfying that those obtained from skin creams and the like, which will cost you a great deal of money and only promise unsubstantiated things. People who drink water every day have a more radiant, flawless skin and shinier, healthier hair c.

5) It eliminates toxins

Water helps eliminate toxins and residue from your body. Drinking water allows the kidneys to filter the toxins and helps the cells get rid of residue and assimilate and transport nutrients to all organs. Kidneys need water to function correctly and to eliminate the aforementioned toxins and residue from the blood, through urine. If we don't drink enough water, kidneys will retain toxins, instead of expelling them.

6) It fights constipation

Drinking water favours regular bowel movements. Toxins are also removed from the digestive system through the intestines. Besides, if you don't drink enough water, your colon may dry up and faeces may accumulate, causing constipation and other digestive troubles.

7) It improves your physical performance

Drinking water avoids dehydration which, in turn, causes weariness, fatigue, dizziness and muscle weakness, among other symptoms. If your body is duly hydrated, your physical performance will benefit greatly from it. Drinking water is essential before, during and after exercising. Hydration will give you more energy, improve blood circulation and restore fluids lost in sweat


8) It may prevent headaches

Not drinking enough water may cause headaches, fatigue and even mental confusion. All you must do to prevent these symptoms is drink enough water. Easy, isn't it?

9) It quenches your thirst

Since it's tasteless and carbohydrate-free, water hydrates without increasing the urge to drink simply because your brain is asking for sugar. Soft drink dependency is real and, in many of the reported cases involving overweight people, these drink over 2 L of soft drinks per day. And why is this? Because these soft drinks do not quench your thirst, but actually increase your urge to ingest sugary drinks.

10) It improves blood circulation

Drinking a glass of warm water will help eliminate any harmful deposits stored in your nervous system, as well as fat deposits in your body. It also helps your muscles relax, which will improve blood flow.

How many litres of water should we drink every day?

An active person should drink more water than a sedentary one but, as an example, it is recommended that you drink 1 L per 30 kg of body weight. Here are a couple of tricks to help you realise if you've ingested enough water:

  • Urine should be colourless and odourless
  • You should never be thirsty, since thirst is a synonym of dehydration.

With love, Patrícia Coriel

Patrícia Coriel

Personal Trainer

Patrícia Coriel is a personal trainer and author of the blog Fitness Affair, which specialises in exercise tips and advice. She is passionate about fitness, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle


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