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Xcore Shaker with Compartment 500 mL

Get shakin', get shredded

Slake the thirst
of your muscles

There are loads of different shaker models out there. If you've tried any, chances are you've already been disappointed a few times. Leaking, caps that get in the way of your nose as you drink, shakes that stay lumpy no matter how hard you shake them, the list goes on and on. Since Xcore takes its quality standards seriously, we had to make sure our shakers were up to the task as well. So expect an ergonomic design, resistance to leakage, quality dishwasher-safe material, and a simple but effective closing system with a mouthpiece that's easy to drink from. What you will need to add yourself is the right shake ingredients and a lot of hard work and dedication!

  • 17 oz. (500 mL) capacity

  • Twist-on lid, push-on cap (attached)

  • With a 4 oz. (120 mL) storage compartment

Xcore Shaker with Compartment 500 mL

Made in EU
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Xcore Shaker with compartment 500 ml

Xcore Shaker with compartment 500 ml

Color Black



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