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X-Skin Top - Rest-Less

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Top X-Skin Edge

X-Skin limited edition

"My second skin blooms from within."

Empower your senses.

X-Skin is pretty unique. Once you wear it, you feel like you can no longer go without it. Like a second skin, light and smooth, a delight to the touch that awakens all your senses.

Top X-Skin Edge

What moves you.

Seamless is synonym for comfort, smoothness and sleek fit. Your body moves and breathes freely, while the design triggers your sharpest instincts. Use your X-Skin model and enjoy the sensation of having no strings or strains, and know that in addition to the lightness and resistance of the fabric, it dries very easily!

Top X-Skin Edge

A technical fabric that withstands all challenges.

Comfortable both for playing sports and as casual wear, X-Skin is made of high-quality polyester and polyamide. Polyamide has the highest resistance of all raw textile materials (also when wet) and is very stretchy. The fabrics tend to have a better feel, thanks to the softer and more flexible fibres (they were initially designed as an alternative to silk!).


Your seamless freedom!

Top X-Skin Edge


95% Polyamide
5% Elastane

Made in EU
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X-Skin Top - Rest-Less

Color Blue




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