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X-Gym Training Jacket

“I’ll train insane, I won’t remain the same!”

X-Gym Training Sweat

The gym is yours. Now is the time to accomplish what you’ve been postponing, no more excuses! You have everything you need to work out in great style and comfort, with clothing and accessories especially designed to make your training sessions cooler than ever. But hey, that doesn’t mean it will be a walk in the park. Run on that treadmill, baby, run!

X-Gym Training Jacket

Fiber Technology

X-Gym Training Jacket

88% Polyester / 12% Elastane

This super fast-drying and soft, knitted fabric has been engineered as a base or insulating layer for serious performance in both indoor and outdoor environments.

X-Gym Training Jacket

Product Features

X-Gym Training Jacket


X-Gym Training Jacket

Thumbhole Sleeve

X-Gym Training Jacket X-Gym Training Jacket
X-Gym Training Jacket

Next step: YOU

X-Gym Training Jacket


88% Polyester PES
12% Elastane

Made in EU
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X-Gym Training Jacket - Montreal Grey

X-Gym Training Jacket - Montreal Grey

Color Grey




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