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Prozis Krispees




Vegan OK
See, real cereals

Cereals, pseudocereals and also potatoes and legumes can be an excellent fit for varied, balanced diets. Krispees by Prozis give you yet another practical, sensible and exciting way to ingest them, alongside other staples like bread and breakfast cereal.

A Krispee Krunch is guaranteed!

Prozis Krispees
Prozis Krispees
Krafting the Krispee

Lentils get plenty of love in our Krispees range. The world’s oldest known pulse crop, these tiny marvels have been sustaining humanity for well over ten thousand years. Providing unique flavor, color and nutritional value to a great many dishes, they are excellent as a base for this exceptional Krispees variety.

Added as an extra, chickpeas are a wonderful food for just about anyone who cares about what they eat. These little legumes pack plenty of nutrients, flavor and texture, all to achieve that perfect Krispee krunch!

OK for vegans

Only ingredients of non-animal origin are used in the production of these Krispees. This means they are 100% suitable for vegetarians as well as vegans.

Prozis Krispees

Inkredible Krispees!

Prozis Krispees

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Trigon Krispees - Lentils with Chickpeas 20 g

Prozis Trigon Krispees - Lentils with Chickpeas (20g) will satisfy your cravings while takes care of your balanced diet. Enjoy its benefits!
Trigon Krispees - Lentils with Chickpeas 20 g

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