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Køb Lean Brioche Bread - Chocolate Chip 360 g, og få 5 DKK tilbage via en kupon.

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Gyldig indtil 2020-02-29

Begrænset til 1 anvendelse(r) per kunde.

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Prozis Lean Brioche Bread
Prozis Lean Brioche Bread

Give in to guilt-free

Prozis Lean Brioche Bread
  • Prozis Lean Brioche Bread


  • Prozis Lean Brioche Bread


  • Prozis Lean Brioche Bread


  • Prozis Lean Brioche Bread


Values per slice

Prozis Lean Brioche Bread
A Different Breed of Brioche

Seeeriously yummy, yet surprisingly nutritious! Lean Brioche by Prozis is perfect for everyone who likes to spoil themselves with a delicious treat from time to time without having their calorie intake go through the roof.

Lean Brioche is an extra fluffy type of bread, full of taste and often used for pastries, but also with a few crafty modifications to the recipe that keep its nutritional values in check. Owing its “lean” prefix to its much lower sugar and fat content, it also contains more protein and fiber than your typical not-so-lean brioche.

If we can give you just one piece of advice: just try it! We’re sure you’ll be just as impressed with the taste as we are.

Prozis Lean Brioche Bread
Prozis Lean Brioche Bread
It’s lean, it’s luscious!

Known as the queen of breads, brioche is traditionally a type of white bread with extra ingredients like eggs and cream that make it richer than usual. It is renowned for its rich and tender crumb, dark golden crust, and light and slightly puffy structure. Brioche makes for a cozy environment where chocolate chips feel right at home. They provide a contrasting, intense flavor and a bit of extra bite. Brioche and chocolate were simply made for each other!

Anyone familiar with Prozis will know we don’t just offer any brioche. Our cleverly designed recipe for Lean Brioche with Chocolate Chips makes it possible to do away with a major part of the sugar that goes into traditional brioche, and even add a bit of extra protein to it.

A bread fit for royalty!

Prozis Lean Brioche Bread
Prozis Lean Brioche Bread
Comparing Lean Brioche to regular brioche
Per 100 g Regular Chocolate Chip Brioche* Lean Brioche - Chocolate Chips
Energy 378 kcal 325 kcal
Fat 15.6 g 7.7 g
Of which Saturates 7.8 g 1.4 g
Carbohydrate 48.9 g 51 g
Of which Sugars 13.3 g 4.8 g
Fiber 2.2 g 3.8 g
Protein 8.9 g 11 g

* Reference product “45254569, CHOCOLATE CHIP TRESSEE, UPC: 640445002827,” (2018 USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference).

Prozis Lean Brioche Bread
Great at any time of the day

Lean Brioche is more than a typical rich snack! It’s wonderful as toast with a gob of jam, or with savory toppings such as ham and cheese, and it can even be served as a side dish with soup or stew. Bon appétit!

Prozis Lean Brioche Bread

Bemærk: Vi anbefaler at du konsulterer en læge eller ernæringsekspert, hvis du har spørgsmål vedrørende brugen af ​​dette produkt. Ernæringsmæssige oplysninger kan variere afhængigt af smag.
* De viste billeder tjener kun et illustrativt og reklamemæssigt formål og kan derfor afvige fra det endelige produkt.
Lean Brioche Bread - Chocolate Chip 360 g - Bakery | Prozis
Antal: 360 g
Parti: 0522000
This product has a reduced shelf life.
Bedst før:  2020-03-08
Portionsstørrelse: 2 slices (60.0 g)
Portioner per beholder: 6
% RI (*)
195 kcal = 816 kJ
4.62 g
0.84 g
30.60 g
2.88 g
2.28 g
6.60 g
0.55 g
* Referenceindtag for en voksen gennemsnitsperson (8 400 kJ/2 000kcal).
** Referenceindtag er ikke fastsat
Hvedemel (39%) , Vand, Sødemiddel (Maltitol), Gær, Chokoladesmåstykker (1.9%), Solsikkeolie, Skummetmælkspulver, Hvedegluten, Vallepulver, Whole egg powder, Hvedestivelse, Salt, Emulgator(er) (Mono- og diglycerider af fedtsyrer, Sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate, SOJALECITHIN), Colour (Beta-karoten), Konserveringsmidler (Sorbinsyre, Calciumpropionat), Melbehandlingsmiddel (Askorbinsyre) Cocoa solids 51% minimum in the Chocolate Chips.
Indeholder mælk, soja, æg og hvede. May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds and sulphites. Dette produkt må ikke træde i stedet for en varieret og afbalanceret kost og en sund livsstil. Store tightly sealed in a cool, dry place, avoiding direct sunlight.
Find the answers to your questions in our FAQ.
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Lean Brioche Bread - Chocolate Chip 360 g

Seeking balance in your diet? Prozis Lean Brioche comes with less sugar and more protein than regular brioche. The perfect combination of Lean and Tasty!
Lean Brioche Bread - Chocolate Chip 360 g


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