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Prozis Hair, Skin & Nails



Prozis Hair, Skin & Nails
Herbal, Vitamin and Mineral Formula
Supports Natural

It’s a sign

The body gives you clues to let you know whether you are supplying it with all the nutrients it needs or not. You just have to pay attention.

Do your nails break too easily? Is your hair dull and dry? Can't seem to find a way to hydrate your skin, no matter what lotions you resort to? These are the signs.

The recipe for beauty

There are no miracles or secret formulas. If your diet provides you with all the nutrients required for the normal functioning of your body and mind, then you won't need much else. The problem is when you are not able to guarantee an adequate intake of nutrients, whether due to a weight-loss diet, the training program you are following, or the demanding lifestyle you have. Yes, your everyday routine can take its toll, but we are here to help you give your body all the nutrients it needs.

Beauty and the best

Prozis Hair, Skin & Nails contains an amazing blend of vitamins, minerals and herbal benefits. A formula created to bring out the beauty that lies within.

Prozis details

Pamper your skin from the inside out. Enjoy the benefits of vitamin A, biotin, niacin, and zinc. They contribute to the maintenance of normal skin.

Pantothenic acid helps reduce fatigue and tiredness, something that will be reflected on the skin's appearance as well.

Your skin will also benefit from the collagen synthesis triggered by the vitamin C included in this supplement.

Prozis details

Prozis helps you bring back your hair's glory days. You can count on the beneficial effects of biotin, selenium and zinc to keep your hair at its natural best.

Prozis details

You know those situations where tension has got you biting your nails, or nervously tapping them on the table? Ever thought of what can happen when they break, without any resistance? This formula will help keep your nails normal thanks to the effects of selenium and zinc.

Prozis details

There is something in this formula for your muscles and bones, as well. Vitamin D, along with magnesium, contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and muscle function. Besides that, vitamin C supports collagen formation, promoting normal function of not only the bones, but also of cartilage.

Your muscles will appreciate the effects of this formula too. Magnesium and zinc support normal protein synthesis, essential to muscle growth.

But that's not all, your vision (vitamin A), your teeth (vitamin D), your immune system (selenium) and even your nervous system (niacin and biotin) can benefit from this formula.

Furthermore, Prozis Hair, Skin & Nails is enhanced with saw palmetto and horsetail extract. Saw palmetto is the name of a species of American dwarf palm tree, and of the fruits it bears, which contain numerous active compounds such as fatty acids, plant sterols and flavonoids. On the other hand, horsetail extract is a herb used for medicinal purposes since ancient Roman and Greek times.

Enjoy this extremely wholesome formula.

For What?

Prozis has developed this meticulous and complete formula to help you obtain all the nutrients you need to bring out the beauty inside you. Treat your nails, hair and skin the way they deserve.

For Whom?

Prozis Hair, Skin & Nails was especially developed for those who aren't able to obtain the nutrients needed to maintain normal wholesome hair, nails and skin through their diet.

Recommended daily intake:

Prozis microscope

2 tablets

Prozis Hair, Skin & Nails highlights:

Bemærk: Vi anbefaler at du konsulterer en læge eller ernæringsekspert, hvis du har spørgsmål vedrørende brugen af ​​dette produkt. Ernæringsmæssige oplysninger kan variere afhængigt af smag.
* De viste billeder tjener kun et illustrativt og reklamemæssigt formål og kan derfor afvige fra det endelige produkt.
Antal: 60 tablet/tabletter
Parti: I1841160
Bedst før:  2021-03-31
Portionsstørrelse: 2 tablet/tabletter
Portioner per beholder: 30
% RI (*)
5 mg
1000 mcg
60 mcg
17 mg
5 mcg
17 mg
15 mg ne
400 mcg
50 mcg
PABA (para-amino-benzoesyre)
50 mg
50 mg
100 mg
220 mg
500 mg
Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) (Aerial Parts)
300 mg
* Referenceindtag for en voksen gennemsnitsperson (8 400 kJ/2 000kcal).
** Referenceindtag er ikke fastsat
Fyldemiddel/midler (Mikrokrystallinsk cellulose, Dicalciumfosfat), N-acetyl-L-cystein, Magnesiumoxid, Ekstrakt af padderok, Bærekstrakt af savpalme, Methylsulfonylmethan (MSM), L-ascorbinsyre, Jernfumarat, Overfladebehandlingsmiddel/-midler (Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Glycerol, Hydroxypropylcellulose), Inositol, Para-aminobenzoesyre (PABA) (4-aminobenzoesyre), Antiklumpningsmidler (Magnesiumsalte af fedtsyrer, Stearinsyre), Zinkoxid, Nicotinamid, Retinylacetat, Calcium-D-pantothenat, Cholecalciferol, Pteroylmonoglutaminsyre, Natriumselenit, D-biotin.
Anbefalet daglig portion: Tag 2 tabletter om dagen.
Not recommended for women of fertile age or going through menopause, men and women of pre-pubescent age, or people suffering from diseases characterized by an abnormal accumulation of iron. Not to be taken by children under 3. It is recommended to consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this product. Overskrid ikke den anbefalede daglige dosis. Dette produkt må ikke træde i stedet for en varieret og afbalanceret kost og en sund livsstil. Opbevares utilgængeligt for børn. Opbevares i tæt lukket originalemballage på et tørt og køligt sted, beskyttet mod direkte sollys.
Find the answers to your questions in our FAQ.
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Hair, Skin & Nails 60 tabs

Let your nails, hair and skin reflect the beauty within you with the effects of this complete formula. Prozis Hair, Skin & Nails was made to support beauty.
Hair, Skin & Nails 60 tabs


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