Once the order has been shipped, the customer will receive a confirmation email with their invoice, the assigned shipping number and a hyperlink that will allow the tracking of the order on the carrier's website. The customer may also have access to that hyperlink by logging in to their account and clicking on the "Orders" tab, available on the sign-in page and by accessing the "Help" icon on the site header bar, following the "Track Order" option. Either way, the customer will be provided with all information about the order, including the hyperlink abovementioned.

Attempting to track the order online upon receipt of the shipment confirmation email may not return any results. Shipping information may take up to 24 hours from receipt of shipment confirmation to be updated on the carrier's website without liability to PROZIS.

Orders are delivered from Monday to Friday, except for local or national holidays, at the address indicated by the customer when placing the orders.


Delivery Services

PROZIS provides regular delivery services, which are subject to the own procedures of the carriers, in particular regarding the customer's personal data required to fulfill the delivery obligation, the shipping methods, delivery times, costs and constraints associated with the requirements of the orders to be delivered and with the procedures related to the validation of the recipient's identity (or of the identity of the third person acting on their behalf). PROZIS cannot be held responsible for any modification on the service conditions provided by the carriers as PROZIS is only obliged to assure that the carriers' procedures used on each delivery process are in full compliance with the terms and conditions in force at the time of the confirmation of the purchase by the customer.

Thus, the available shipping options may depend on the sort of products to be delivered, on the address of destination, on the shipping method or even on the time of the validation of the payment method.

The expected delivery time, as well as other eventual constraints or relevant remarks in force at the time of the conclusion of the purchasing process will be noted as an informative remark displayed on the Shipping Methods tab.

Warning: the delivery times, counted from the effective delivery date, are merely indicative as shall only be applicable whenever no physical or structural constraints are verified (e.g.: incorrect addresses or force majeure events as strikes, missed connections, extreme weather events, etc.).


Customer may, therefore, receive the order at an address of their choice (exception made to PO Boxes). To do so, the customer only needs to provide the address where shall be present between and of the day scheduled for delivery. An attempt to deliver to the address indicated will be made by a courier from the chosen transport service.

Remark: It is not possible to choose a specific delivery time as it will be conditioned by the courier route on the day of delivery, which is exclusively set by the transport service.

The indication of an incorrect or incomplete delivery address may result in the order being returned to PROZIS and may lead to additional costs for the customer; for this reason, it is highly recommended that the customer always makes sure that the delivery address indicated at the time of the order placement is effectively correct and complete. Once the order is placed, it is not possible to change the delivery address or the provided billing data.

Warning: in any case, due to service organization and distribution procedures of the carriers, the identification data of the recipient will be printed on the label to be placed outside the transport box. Since these are considered customers' personal data, it is advisable to destroy or erase such data after receipt of the order so to prevent those data from being consulted by third parties after disposal of the packaging at recycling points.


Shipping costs are automatically calculated by the system and may vary accordingly to the following circumstances:

  • actual or volumetric weight (whichever the higher);
  • total amount of the order;
  • range of products;
  • delivery address, namely the costs arising from customs duties and border control.
  • carriers' pricing fees, which are subject to regular updates.

Shipping costs are automatically updated as the products are added to the shopping cart.



Reimbursement of shipping costs

The reimbursement of shipping costs may take place whenever occurs a/an:

i) Failure to deliver the order for reasons attributable to PROZIS or to the carrier: the customer will be fully reimbursed for any amount paid as delivery costs. A PROZIS' Customer Care Service returns and refunds employee will contact the customer in order to confirm the right to reimbursement and to provide any further clarification on this matter.


ii) Error in the shipped product(s) shipped or shipment of defective product(s): The customer will reimbursed in full for any amount eventually paid as shipping costs only if the error or defect occurs in all products shipped. For more information on this matter, see section 1.5. below.


Procedures applicable to incidences

In the event that a prepaid order is returned to PROZIS for reasons attributable to PROZIS, the amount paid for the purchase will be refunded, including delivery costs and return-shipping costs.

The customer may choose to be refunded on the original payment method or through a refund coupon that may be used on a future order. The coupon will be valid for 12 months from its issuing date. After this validity, no refund will be possible.

If the reason for the unsuccessful delivery and return of the order is the responsibility of the carrier, regardless of the chosen payment method, the customer will have to file a written complaint which will be analyzed by the carrier. Alternatively, and subject to the prior express consent of the customer, such complaint may be sent to the carrier as supporting document of the incidence created on the basis of the non-delivery. In the event that the problem with the delivery was caused by an incorrect or incomplete address, the customer may be asked to provide proof of address to be attached to the respective claim.