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Prozis Krispees




Vegan OK
See, real cereals

Cereals, pseudocereals and also potatoes and legumes can be an excellent fit for varied, balanced diets. Krispees by Prozis give you yet another practical, sensible and exciting way to ingest them, alongside other staples like bread and breakfast cereal.

A Krispee Krunch is guaranteed!

Prozis Krispees
Prozis Krispees
Krafting the Krispee

With a beautiful golden color, puffed corn typically has a sweeter taste than its rice-based counterpart. A bit like popcorn really, which isn’t that weird once you realize that puffed and “popped” corn are essentially the same thing. Perfect for lightweight snacks, like Krispees.

A combination of two ingredients is used to make this crunchy snack truly unique: tomato and basil are one of the most popular Italian flavor combos in the world. If you like pizza – and let’s face it, who doesn’t – you’re bound to love these Krispees. If you want, you can even top them with cheese!

Organic & OK for vegans

Featuring only ingredients of non-animal origin, these Krispees are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Another big plus is that all plant-based ingredients in our Krispees have been cultivated organically and responsibly, without the use of any artificial or chemical pesticides or fertilizers, in order to ensure sustained biodiversity and soil, ecosystem, and human health.

Prozis Krispees Prozis Krispees

Inkredible Krispees!

Prozis Krispees

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Organic Mini Krispees - Corn with Tomato & Basil 50 g

Prozis Organic Mini Krispees - Corn with Tomato & Basil (50g) are a healthy way to satisfy all your cravings. Enjoy the benefits of organic food!
Organic Mini Krispees - Corn with Tomato & Basil 50 g

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Estimated availability date 02/03/2020

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