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Prozis Equinox Blender
Prozis Equinox Blender

Blends with your lifestyle.

Prozis Equinox Blender
Blend your time
Prozis Equinox Blender

At Prozis, we know that keeping up with a fast-paced routine can be difficult. It's hard to find the time to keep a healthy balance between work, family, exercise, and leisure. That's why appliances such as the Equinox blender are so important. They simplify life and conveniently take time-stealing tasks off our hands. Get to know the Equinox and take both style and performance to the kitchen.

Enjoy your time!

Prozis Equinox Blender

• Off-center blade

Creates irregular vortices for a better blending and mixing performance.

• SUS301 inox blade

Rotates at 21,000 rpm.

- - - Off-Center Blade

- - - Jar Center Line

The result
  • Other blenders

    A smoothie with seeds and lumps.

  • Equinox blender

    A real smoothie, seed- and lump-free.

Prozis Equinox Blender
Prozis Equinox Blender
Equinox, a Must-Have.
Prozis Equinox Blender

The Prozis Equinox blender combines quality with a modern design. Sturdy, easy to assemble, and simple to use, this blender is a must for any kitchen.

Prozis Equinox Blender

• Color: Inox

• Stainless Steel Housing

• Off-Center Blade

• Capacity: 1.5 L

The right mode for the best result:
Prozis Equinox Blender
Prozis Equinox Blender

• Pulse (P)

For pulses of power.

You control the blade's pace for the desired texture.

Prozis Equinox Blender

• Chop (Speed 1 - low speed)

Combines more delicate foods with a folding motion. To blend wet and dry ingredients, or ingredients with a high water content.

Prozis Equinox Blender

• Liquify (Speed 2 - high speed)

Breaks down ingredients to make ice-based drinks and other finely blended mixtures. Crushes ice so you can add it to your drinks and food.

The Prozis Equinox blender comes with:
Prozis Equinox Blender
Prozis Equinox Blender

Measuring Cup

Prozis Equinox Blender

Jar Lid

Prozis Equinox Blender

Eco-friendly glass jar (1.5 L)

Easy to wash and resistant.

Prozis Equinox Blender

Removable non-slip rubber feet

Versatile and adjustable to surfaces.

Prozis Equinox Blender
Your food, quickly and effortlessly.
Prozis Equinox Blender
Prozis Equinox Blender

Weight: 4.1 kg

Dimensions: 189 (L) x 173 (W) x 417 (H) mm

Prozis Equinox Blender
Inside the Box:
Prozis Equinox Blender

• 1 x Prozis Equinox, which includes:

• 1 x Measuring Cup

• 1 x Jar Lid

• 1 x Glass Jar

• 1 x Blade System

• 1 x Blender Base

• 1 x User Manual

Made in Non EU
Equinox - EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
Updated on: 2019-11-22 - 77.99 KB

User Manual
Updated on: 2019-09-12 - 1.15 MB
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Equinox - Blender

Prozis Equinox blender is the perfect addition to your fast-paced routine. Save time with the mode Pulse, Chop, and Liquify. Equinox blends with your life!
Equinox - Blender

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