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In windsurfing, both exercise and nutrition are extremely important. Keeping your balance on a surface as unstable as water requires significant effort, and maintaining a constant body temperature also requires a lot of energy. Using the right supplements can help you improve your performance in this discipline.
Follow these tips and start progressing today!


Dedicate some of your training to the improvement of your balance, proprioception and core stability. Exercises of this type will improve your ability to turn, keep your balance, and maintain a correct stance while practising sports.


Two to three hours before entering the water, have a light meal with mainly carbohydrates but not too much fibre, in order to minimise the risk of exercise-induced gastrointestinal discomfort.


Complement your diet with supplements that help build muscle, accelerate recovery and provide enough energy for you to confront the unpredictability of the water.

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Make sure your diet contains antioxidants and that your body has access to all the vitamins it needs.