ProzisPoints offers

  • 83 Sachet 100% Soy Protein New Formula 30 g
    A 100% soy protein with a complete amino acid profile that will help keep you in good shape, contributing to the development and maintenance of your muscles. Stay healthy!
  • 99 Sachet Xtreme Casein 33 g
    Thanks to its slow absorption rate, Xtreme Casein is the perfect solution for when your body is deprived of its protein for long periods of time.
  • 109 Sachet 100% Real Whey Protein 25 g
    The highest quality whey protein, rich in BCAAs, that will help you increase your muscle mass and maintain that hard-gained muscle. Keep it real!
  • 119 Sachet Xtreme Whey Protein SS 33 g
    Go for xtreme results by taking xtreme measures with Xcore Xtreme Whey. A protein powder 100% sourced from whey with 23% naturally occurring BCAAs, enriched with digestive enzymes and vitamins for effective muscle building!
  • 119 Sachet Xtreme Mass Gainer 67 g
    Xtreme Mass Gainer - Experience extreme mass gain!
  • 119 Sachet Predators Prey New Breed 40 g
    Predators Prey, by XCORE Savage, is far superior to actual beef and whey protein.
  • 119 Sachet Hydro Fusion SS 31 g
    A complete supplement with the best flavor you've ever tasted! Enhanced with Creatine, fortified with digestive enzymes and loaded with optimized whey protein. Feel the power of Hydro Fusion!
  • 119 Sachet 100% Whey Prime 2.0 25 g
    100% Whey Prime is your optimised whey protein concentrate to jump-start the muscle building processes. It has an efficient formula low in sugars and fortified with glutamine, creatine and BCAAs to promote the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.
  • 119 Sachet 100% ProEffect Classic Whey 25 g
    Bodyraise 100% Proeffect Classic Whey – High quality whey to promote muscle growth
  • 119 Sachet 100% Vegetable Protein New Formula 30 g
    Composed of an exclusive blend of 100% vegetable protein sources and enriched with 12 essential vitamins, this supplement is perfect for vegetarians and vegans. Stay healthy!
  • 129 Sachet 100% Whey Hydro Isolate SS 31 g
    Xcore 100% Whey Hydro Isolate is the purest whey protein, rich in amino acids and fortified with BCAAs and Glutamine, Vitamins, Enzymes and Creatine. It's the perfect formula that contributes to the growth and maintenance of your muscle mass!
  • 359 Energy Electrolytes 20 Effervescent tabs
    Need to refuel the body after an intense workout? Prozis Energy Electrolytes is the convenient way to find the balance you need, enriched with minerals.
  • 479 Energy Electrolytes + Caffeine 20 Effervescent tabs
    Prozis Energy Electrolytes + Caffeine will refuel your body after an intense workout. With added minerals and caffeine, it's your source of equilibrium!
  • 76 Energy Bar 20 g
    Keep those energy levels up with the Prozis Bar, a good source of carbs, unsaturated fatty acids and something extra: magnesium and potassium.
  • 76 Energy Gel + Caffeine25 g
    Want to make sure you don't run out of energy? Prozis Energy Gel has a premium formula that contains essential amino acids, b-complex vitamins, caffeine and beta-alanine that will power up your endurance and performance!
  • 99 Protein Snack 30 g
    Get your protein dose without extra calories with the Prozis Protein Snack, a delicious bar with the best quality concentrated whey.
  • 111 Protein Snack 35g
    Make sure you take your protein dose with Pro Snack by Xcore, a delicious bar that fits your healthy diet.
  • 159 Energy Cake 100g
    Refuel after workout! Enjoy a delicious bite full of energy with Prozis Energy Cake. 100g of pure delight, loaded with oats and yummy flavours.
  • 159 Zero Snack 35 g
    Do you sometimes feel that insatiable appetite for something sweet? Prozis Zero Snack is the perfect choice to fit more protein and less sugars into your day.
  • 179 Energy BCAAs 375ml
    You can count on this refreshing lemonade with BCAAs and high in protein at any time of the day. It's a healthier alternative that promotes muscle strength.
  • 179 Recovery RTD 375ml
    Refresh and recover during and after your workout! High in protein, Prozis Recovery Drink is a healthier choice when compared to other soft drinks.
  • 191 Diet Bar 35 g
    The war against flavourless diet food is over! Introducing the Diet Bar by Prozis, delicious and rich in protein, your ally for weight loss diets.
  • 199 Amino X RTD 375ml
    Ideal for Pre, During and Post-Workout, Amino X by Xcore Nutrition is packed with BCAAs, Glutamine, Zinc and Magnesium. Get ready for your next workout!
  • 209 Protein Lemonade 500ml
    Completely sugar and fat-free, and perfectly tailored towards a balanced diet, Prozis Protein Lemonade is the most refreshing way to consume protein.
  • 209 Whey Protein & Oats 80 g
    Looking for a high-quality protein flapjack? Prozis Whey Protein & Oats, bursting with fibre, can be eaten everywhere for a balanced way of living!
  • 209 POW! - Protein Cookie 60 g
    Go for an appetising cookie with crunchy chocolate chips, Prozis POW! This protein powered cookie is a delicious on-the-go snack bursting with protein.
  • 219 Barlicious Protein Bar 65 g
    Craving for a fit-friendly snack? Barlicious is the answer with a high content of protein and fibre, balanced to fit your lifestyle!
  • 221 XTRACORE 80 g
    Xcore XTRACORE – The delicious high quality protein fix that will keep your muscles growing at all times
  • 241 Zero Shake RTD 250 mL
    Try a new fitlicious snack! With more proteins and less sugars, Prozis Zero Shake is the perfect drink to enjoy on your daily breaks.
  • 244 Protein Gourmet Bar 80 g
    An incredibly delicious snack, Prozis Protein Gourmet Bar combines chocolate, caramel and hazelnuts in a guilt-free high-protein bar.
  • 271 PRO•CGT Protein Bar 75 g
    Bodyraise Premium Sports PRO•CGT Protein Bar – Bodyraise's spectacular Creatine, Glutamine and Taurine complex now packed into a highly anabolic protein bar!
  • 660 Zero Choco Crispies - Protein Chocolate 150 g
    Enjoy healthier snacks for a fit lifestyle! With Prozis Zero Choco Crispies you get all the pleasures of eating chocolate, guilt-free!
  • 1110 6 x Barlicious Protein Bar 65 g
    Craving for a fit-friendly snack? Barlicious is the answer with a high content of protein and fibre, balanced to fit your lifestyle!
  • 49 H2O Infusion 9 g
    Keep your body well hydrated with Prozis H20, a tastier alternative to water, optimised with vitamin C. Enjoy your vitaminised drink!
  • 239 Lean Burger Buns - Sesame Seeds 340 g
    Is your burger craving fluffy and yummy bread? Prozis Lean Burger Buns with sesame seeds are the tastiest option, low in carbs and high in fibre and protein!
  • 239 Lean Burger Buns - Multigrain 340 g
    Here's your bun of balance! With highly nutritional qualities, Multigrain Lean Burger Buns by Prozis are an excellent way to enjoy the healthy benefits of bread!
  • 239 Lean Bread - Multigrain Bread 360 g
    A healthier life on a slice of bread. Containing fewer sugars and carbs, but high in protein and fibre, Lean Bread by Prozis is a delicious way to start your day.
  • 258 Protein Pasta - Spaghetti 250 g
    Turn your lifestyle around with Prozis Protein Spaghetti, an extra protein source with 58% fewer carbs that can be combined with fresh and healthy ingredients.
  • 258 Protein Pasta - Penne Rigate 250 g
    Find the balance for a healthy lifestyle with Prozis Protein Penne Rigate. With 58% fewer carbs and rich in protein, it helps you manage your fitness goals.
  • 259 Zero Barbecue 270 g
    Is the meat already on the grill? Get ready to enjoy it to the fullest with Prozis Zero Barbecue sauce, a much healthier choice with no fats, carbs and sugars!
  • 259 Zero Bolognese 270 g
    Looking for a complement to your pasta? Prozis Zero Bolognese Sauce is the answer! It's a much healthier choice, with no fat or sugars for your full enjoyment!
  • 259 Zero Raspberry Syrup 270 g
    Do you need a healthier Top-notch choice for your snack? Prozis Zero Raspberry Syrup is a great topping that fits your diet to your favourite treats.
  • 259 Zero Caesar Dressing 270 g
    Give extra flavour to your salads with Prozis Zero Caesar Dressing! A herb-and-spice sauce for your salad and the perfect complement for your healthy meals!
  • 259 Zero Chocolate Syrup 270 g
    Need some topping on top of your world? With Prozis Zero Chocolate Syrup, you no longer need to control yourself to make the most of your treats.
  • 259 Lean Bread - Carob 360 g
    Looking for a balanced diet? Prozis Lean Carob Bread is the answer! With 56% fewer carbs than regular bread and enriched with 16g of protein. Enjoy!
  • 259 Zero Maple Syrup 270g
    Squeeze the absolute most out of your diet! With Prozis Zero Maple Syrup you can add a great topping that fits your diet to your favourite treats.
  • 259 Zero Honey Mustard 270 g
    Is your meal waiting for a yummy taste? Prozis Zero Honey Mustard will give a special flavour with no extra kcal weighing on your conscience!
  • 259 Zero Ketchup With Spices 270 g
    The search is over! With Prozis Zero Ketchup With Spices, you can enjoy all the pleasures of a healthy juicy meal without worrying about fat, carbs or sugars.
  • 269 Zero Ketchup Original 270 g
    Give a juicy flavour to your treats, while helping your diet stay on track! Prozis Zero Ketchup without any fats, sugars or carbs whatsoever will fit your healthy goals.
  • 299 Lean Bread - Muesli 360 g
    Made with dried fruits and cinnamon, Prozis Muesli Bread is high in fibre and low in carbs, which makes it the perfect solution for a fit lifestyle!
  • 359 100% Organic Arabica Coffee - Honduras 10 caps
    Enjoy the highest quality coffee! Sweet tasting notes of subtle vanilla, cacao and nuts. By committing to quality, we follow all the processes first-hand on a strictly Organic basis.
  • 469 Organic Peanut Butter 250 g
    Made from selected nuts with a delicious texture, Prozis Organic Peanut Butter is a natural source of magnesium and protein. Genuine flavour for your diet!
  • 479 Turkey Jerky 50 g
    Are you mad about meat, and craving for a new and exciting tasty bite? Enjoy Prozis Turkey Jerky - delish slices of dried meat, ready to savour anywhere.
  • 479 White Chocolate and Raisins Peanut Butter 250 g
    Prozis White Chocolate and Raisins Peanut Butter is your fit-friendly choice! A natural source of protein that provides fibre, vitamin E, and magnesium!
  • 479 Beef Jerky 50 g
    Are you mad about meat, and craving for a new and exciting tasty bite? Enjoy Prozis Beef Jerky - delish slices of dried meat, ready to savour anywhere.
  • 479 Caramelised Pecan Peanut Butter 250 g
    A natural source of muscle-building protein and fibre, Prozis Caramelised Pecan Peanut Butter is a delicious spread for your meals. Give it a try!
  • 499 Oatmeal - Wholegrain 500 g
    Have a tasty day with Oatmeal by Prozis! The most yummy flavours for a healthy breakfast or snack to support your workout and dietary goals.
  • 599 Yummy Drops 50 ml
    Looking for an easy way to boost the flavour of your protein shakes, homemade cakes and pastries without adding unnecessary calories and sugars? Just a few drops of Prozis Yummy Drops will do the trick!
  • 599 12 x H2O Infusion 9 g
    Keep your body well hydrated with Prozis H20, a tastier alternative to water, optimised with vitamin C. Enjoy your vitaminised drink!
  • 699 Pancake 500 g
    Craving for a yummy meal? Recommended for anyone trying to live a healthier life, the different flavours of Prozis pancakes will brighten your day!
  • 799 Peanut Choco Butter 250 g
    Are you nuts for cocoa cream spread? Prozis Peanut Choco Butter elevates your breakfast and snacks to a new level. A freakin’ good healthier choice.
  • 799 Oatmeal + Whey 400 g
    Start your day with Oatmeal + Whey by Prozis, freakin’ good oats enriched with whey protein and with the most yummy flavours for a healthy breakfast or snack.
  • 882 4 x Zero Pudding 125 g
    Craving for a filling snack? Prozis Zero Pudding is a healthier choice for you to enjoy the authentic pleasure of pudding, with low fats and sugars.
  • 899 Pancake + Protein – Oat Pancakes with Protein 400 g
    Ready for a fit snack? With 55% protein, Prozis Pancake + Protein is rich in BCAAs and a natural source of fibre. The healthy option that you're looking for!
  • 987 Toasted Soybean 10 Sachets 200 g
    MyVegies Toasted Soybean – The guilt-free, healthy, delicious and nutritious snack you can have whenever you want.
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