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Power Up Your Spirit Powder Container 3x180ml

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Prozis Powder Container

Straightforward storage


Compact and easy to carry, the new range of powder containers by Prozis makes sure your dietary supplements are safely and conveniently stored and taken anywhere.

Each powder container is made from strong, BPA-free plastic and consists of three 180 mL single-portion containers, ideal for pre-measured daily doses of protein powder but also for tablets, capsules, and the like. With one container's bottom functioning as the lid for the next, together they form a nicely compact three-story solution with over 500 mL of storage capacity. Plus, with more than one set, you can stack containers at will.

Take your supplements with you in the car or to work every time you need to. After all, supplement timing can be essential in the pursuit of fitness goals such as losing weight or developing more muscle. So get yourself a Prozis Powder Container! By providing effortless optimization of your supplement intake, it'll surely save you time and energy!

The power of words

The powder containers come in a variety of colours, featuring a unique Prozis-style message for a confidence boost on your more successful days, and to help lift your spirits whenever you're going through tougher times. Just pick your favourite, and you'll be all set to add some order to your supplementation routine!

Prozis Powder Container


100% Polypropylene

Made in EU
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Power Up Your Spirit Powder Container 3x180ml

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