TJA Maratona Sobral de Monte Agraço #4

Sobral de Monte Agraço, Portugal 20 May 2018

Registrations are now closed.

Taça Joaquim Agostinho Socimaster

There is a MTB Marathon every year, organised to help the Bombeiros Voluntários de Sobral de Monte Agraço.

The Maratona Sobral de Monte Agraço is held on an annual basis with the purpose of helping organisations within the municipality have more means to answer the needs of the population.

It is our understanding that the Associação Humanitária de Bombeiros Voluntários de Sobral de Monte Agraço plays a crucial role in helping the population of this municipality and its existence is paramount for the population to have a good quality of life.

Thus, and bearing in mind that the current socio-economic situation has been making it very hard for organisations such as the firemen's to survive, we decided to benefit this Association with this event.

We propose a MTB Marathon and a Walk.

All proceeds will go exclusively to the Associação Humanitária de Bombeiros Voluntários de Sobral de Monte Agraço.

Lista de Etapas

Etapa Nome Data Local URL
Etapa 1 Saloios BTT 8 de Abril Arneiros - Ventosa
Etapa 2 Montejunto Bike Day 22 de Abril Cadaval Inscreva-se aqui!
Etapa 3 Maratona Joaquim Agostinho 6 de Maio Silveira Inscreva-se aqui!
Etapa 4 Maratona Sobral Monte Agraço 20 de Maio Sobral de Monte Agraço Inscreva-se aqui!
Etapa 5 Maratona BTT Maxial 3 de Junho Maxial
Etapa 6 Maratona Trilhos da Lobagueira 24 de Junho Encarnação
Etapa 7 Mafra 80 2 de Setembro Mafra



What does the registration include?
- Participation
- Bib number with chip for each stage
- Athlete insurance provided by the organisation of each competition/stage (in the case of non-member participants)
- Participation gifts for every competition/stage of the event
- Age Group Ranking for each stage
- Cup Rankings (accumulated rankings of each stage)
Event Regulations


More questions?

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