Freita Skyrunning

Vale de Cambra, Aveiro, Portugal 7 October 2018

Registrations are now closed.

Freita Skyrunning

FREITA SKYRUNNING 2018 is organised by the Associação Desportiva e Cultural de Felgueira, in association with Câmara Municipal de Vale de Cambra and in cooperation with several public and private institutions. It will take place on October 6th and 7th 2018, in Serra da Freita, starting and arriving at the Felgueira village.

It's a 3-trial event being considered for the Taça de Portugal de Skyrunning – Freita Vertical, Freita Skyrace and Freita Skymarathon –, and a Hike to boot.

This is an "Prova Oficial de Skyrunning – Portugal 2018" (Official Skyrunning event – Portugal 2018), title given by the Federação de Campismo e Montanhismo de Portugal (FCMP).

- Freita Vertical (4 km|850 D+): - Taça de Portugal – Vertical.

- Troféu nacional da Juventude - Juniores, Juvenis e Sub-23.

- Freita Skyrace (25 km|1650 D+): - Troféu nacional da Juventude - Sub-23.

- Freita Skymarathon (42 km|2800 D+): - Taça de Portugal – SKY.

Felgueira is a village right by the Serra da Freita, which bears the "Aldeia de Portugal" brand. From here, you'll be able to set out on an adventure and visit places such as Geopark Arouca, Rota da Água and Rota da Pedra, as well as go through paths and trails of the Montanhas Mágicas and the Vale Mágico.

Price Table

Stage Event Price Payment Deadline
Stage 1 SKYMARATHON® €20 From May 16th to July 29th
Stage 2 SKYMARATHON® €25 From July 30th to September 23rd
Stage 1 SKYRACE® €15 From May 16th to July 29th
Stage 2 SKYRACE® €20 from July 30th to September 23rd
Stage 1 VERTICAL €10 From May 16th to July 29th
Stage 2 VERTICAL €10 From July 30th to September 23rd
Stage 1 HIKE €5 Until September 23rd



What does the registration include?
- Insurance
- Meal
- Supplies
- Official even t-shirt
- Finisher award (FSM/FSR/FVK)
- First aid, at marked locations


More questions?

The Freita Skyrunning team is always here to help. Check our FAQ or send us an e-mail.

[email protected]

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