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Acti-Tape – Natural remedies that help you live and feel better!


Acti-Tape has its origins in therapeutic sports tapes for injury rehabilitation, providing support to joints and muscles, and enhancing sports performance without affecting the range of motion. The concept was initially developed in Japan in the late 1970s. Nowadays, aside from its application to rehabilitation, newer methodologies have been developed that address benefits associated with preventive health maintenance, reducing edema and pain relief.


Acti-Tape's Clinical Trial on comparing using one strip of Acti-Tape to a conventional knee guard is published on Dove Press open access medical journal in the UK.

It concluded that more than 85% of the users prefer Acti-Tape over knee guard for pain management and weak knee support. The method used to compare is the simple application of one-strip taping. It has helped a lot of people already. 

Try it and see for yourself the great benefits Acti-Tape has to offer!


  • 5 m x 5 cm (wide)
  • Water resistant – can withstand showers and athletic-like swimming
  • Highly Flexible – Allows muscles to perform a full range of motion, easily and comfortably
  • Highly breathable – efficiently channels air and sweat to maintain skin integrity
  • Latex-free, hypoallergenic
  • Effective for 3-4 days


  • Pain relief
  • Relaxing overused and overextended muscles
  • Supporting rehabilitation from muscular injuries
  • Joint repositioning
  • Reducing edema, inflammation, and discomfort

Acti-Tape – Natural remedies that help you live and feel better!

Made in EU

Acti-Tape 1 Roll

Acti-Tape 1 Roll

18.99 USD

Color Green

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