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XCore xcoretshirt

"I won't surrender until my muscles scream for mercy."

The Xcore training apparel range is right there at the core of your daily mission to go further. The right balance between comfort and performance to support you during your most extreme workouts, present throughout an apparel line especially developed to fit and match the demands of your training and the needs of your body.

XCore xcoretshirt

Be a leader, wear only the best

Xcore apparel does not compromise your goals! Fitting just as it should with its optimal balance between performance and comfort, it's ready to do its job at the highest level by taking advantage of the very best that textile has to offer: a soft feel, flexibility, and great moisture wicking.

XCore xcoretshirt


65% Polyester / 35% Cotton

The fiber composition of this item blends cotton, known for its soft and comfortable feel, with polyester for faster drying.

XCore xcoretshirt XCore xcoretshirt XCore xcoretshirt
XCore xcoretshirt


65% Polyester PES
35% Cotton

Made in EU
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T-Shirt - Xcore

T-Shirt - Xcore

Color Black




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