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Water aerobics

The effects of water sports are widely acknowledged. Whatever the objective (competition or recreation), taking certain aspects into account can help you achieve more energy and better performance.
Water aerobics
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Follow these tips and start progressing today!


Endurance training for better cardiovascular resistance and so you can swim for longer. Make sure to dedicate some trainings to a stronger core as well.


Make a list of foods to avoid before training in the water. Dairy products and foodstuffs with a lot of fat or fibre can make you feel sick and cause alterations in your digestion and intestinal function.


Use supplements according to your needs. As water sports are generally not ideal for muscle development, a solution for building and maintaining muscle mass could be to add a protein supplement to your diet.

Products to reach my Goals

Before training

Consume a carbohydrate-rich meal 1 to 4 hours before training. In prolonged efforts, carbohydrates are crucial to guarantee energy throughout the exercise. A protein supplement makes it possible to keep this macronutrient available to the body during training, so that what is lost in the effort can be easily replaced.

After training

Right after training, have a light and quick meal with whey and carbs. You can have a more complete meal about 1 or 2 hours after. A recovery supplement can help you get maximum results from one training to the next.

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