Cross training

Proper nutrition is the basis of functional training and sports that combine bodyweight exercises and weight training. Basically you need to sort out your diet before embarking on a training program. While eating the right food is an important part of Cross Training lifestyle, supplementation is essential if you want to improve your WODs.
Cross training
Follow these tips and start progressing today!


A sport this complete requires that you give it your all, every single day. If you don't have any sports background, then start by weight lifting and building up strength. Next you can enter the world of gymnastics and eventually complement these two areas with endurance training. It's gonna be a tough ride, but well worth it.


There are plenty of diets to choose from: Paleo, Zone, Atkins, etc. They are all valid, as long as you can adapt to them and get results. A simple yet effective rule is to eat clean and stay away from processed foods.


Absolutely fundamental! When practicing a sport this intense, you'll need all the "help" you can get. Using the right supplements can determine whether or not you'll manage that one more rep in your WOD or finally improve your 1RM. So eat well and supplement yourself even better.

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Before training

The goal before training is to prep yourself for what's coming, which can be pretty much anything! During a WOD, everything is possible in terms of reps, weights or movements. A good dose of protein, creatine, beta-alanine and some carbohydrates is a smart choice.

After training

After a tough training session you want to replace what was lost. A sound dose of carbohydrates paired with high quality protein, and glutamine to help rebuild damaged tissue is the way to go.