Whey Choco Butter 250 g Coconut - Almond Review

On the lookout for a real treat? The flavour, protein content and overall composition of Whey Choco Butter will leave you amazed. Taste it, you'll love it!

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Posted by: Ellie Cook
amazing spread. Goes well on everything. Toast, yoghurt, off a spoon. will buy again

Great taste
Posted by: Marta Frias Castillo
This is one of the best chocolate spreads I've ever tried. Highly recommend

Very good!
Posted by: Andreea Cherestes

Posted by: Danciu Rareș
Basically Nutella in his jar

just me
Posted by: Aneta Cholakova
I am in love in that butter, so good

Posted by: Anja Tratnjek
I bought it for me and for friends, they love it, I don't. The texture is very runny, but that's not the issue, it's more the gritty feel left on the tongue and honestly a weird aftertaste. I generally love white chocolate and coconut combo but this I will not repurchase. It's sweet though and I really think it's a hit or miss and depends on the person, my friends love it and can't get enough so I think it's worth trying.

Good flavor
Posted by: Rui Silva

Whey Choco
Posted by: Sara Carmali
Fantastic butter!

Better than nutella. OBSESSED.
Posted by: Raquel Lourenço
I seriously cannot stop talking about this ChocoButter on my social media. I am completely obsessed on HOW GOOD this is. The macros are just perfect, and this tastes better than Nutella. No joke.

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