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Valid until 2020-03-31

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Real Whey No sugars

keep it real.
keep it NATURAL

Sweetened with stevia

No artificial colourings or flavourings


Naturally sweetened whey for true muscle gains!

Achieve your fitness goals with nothing but the realest whey with the best nutrient composition. Intentionally kept simple and real, Prozis Natural Real Whey Protein is also strictly natural: it is completely void of artificial flavourings and sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose. It's sweetened instead with nothing but natural stevia extract.

A solid profile in terms of nutrients makes whey protein a valued resource for active people. Our whey formula contains the purest protein concentrate for the cleanest muscle mass gains, flavoured and sweetened 100% naturally: Natural Real Whey Protein.

Woman running

The highest quality. No gimmicks, no hidden ingredients.

Natural Real Whey Protein by Prozis features premium-quality whey protein concentrate in a high-purity formula with over 72% protein content. It features a complete amino acid profile, including BCAAs, to help you increase your muscle mass as well as maintain that hard-gained muscle.

Backed by quality certificates issued by independent testing labs, the composition of Natural Real Whey Protein hides no secrets from you. With this supplement, what you read on the label is what you get into your shake.

Moreover, thanks to the technologically advanced processes applied to its production, the powder is instantised for fast and easy mixing, so that you get a smooth shake without lumps.

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The best value for your money. Guaranteed.

Prozis produces this superior whey protein supplement using optimised manufacturing procedures, supplying it directly to you with no middleman or third party involved. This way, you get the highest quality at the most competitive price in the market. Guaranteed.

Don't just take our word for it.


Prozis Lab Certification

This product has been tested by an independent laboratory, guaranteeing the standards of purity and all its inherent properties and quality.

The quality certificate can be seen in the "Nutritional Info" section on this page.

Top-notch, all-natural flavours

  • Banana flavour


  • Chocolate flavour


  • Chocolate and Hazelnuts flavour


  • Cookies and Cream flavour

    Cookies & Cream

  • Dark Chocolate flavour

    Dark Chocolate

  • Pineapple flavour


  • Strawberry flavour


  • Vanilla flavour


And many more flavours for you to discover!

No shaking but baking

If you feel like something else than that same old shake for a change, that's easily arranged. Quickly, to the kitchen! There are so many exciting recipes out there that incorporate protein powder, for muffins, pancakes and all manner of delicacies. With Prozis Natural Real Whey Protein, they're all bound to turn out wonderful, as well as 100% free from artificial sweeteners, colourings or flavourings. Unless you decide to add them yourself, of course.

Prozis pancakes

Naturally real:

  • Highly concentrated (over 72% protein)
  • Low sugars
  • No artificial flavourings or sweeteners
  • Supports the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
  • Complete amino acid profile
  • With branched-chain amino acids
  • Scientifically tested and proven
  • Backed by quality certificates
  • Guaranteed best value for your money

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Natural Real Whey Protein 1000 g - Budovanie svalovej hmoty | Prozis
Množstvo: 1000 g
Séria: I2073003
Dátum spotreby:  2022-02-28
Veľkosť porcie: 2.5 odmerka(y) (25.0 g)
Porcií v balení: 40
% RP (*)
93.75 kcal = 392 kJ
Energetická hodnota
1.55 g
Nasýtené tuky (lipidy)
1.03 g
1.45 g
0.63 g
18.50 g
0.10 g
* Referenčný príjem priemerného dospelého (8 400 kJ/2 000kcal).
** Denná hodnota nie je určená
1.22 g
2.01 g
1.82 g
1.12 g
0.57 g
1.27 g
0.42 g
kyselina glutámová
3.44 g
1.05 g
0.40 g
0.87 g
0.95 g
0.27 g
0.49 g
0.32 g
0.42 g


Koncentrát srvátkového proteínu (93%), Kakaový prášok so zníženým obsahom tuku, Natural Flavourings, Sladidlo (Steviol Glycosides), Emulgátor (Lecithins) .
Recommended Daily Portion: Take up to 4 servings per day. Pokyny na užívanie: To prepare 1 serving, add 2 1/2 scoops (25g) of powder to 200mL of cold water or any beverage you prefer. Vary the amount of liquid to achieve your desired flavour and consistency. For an intense flavour, use 175-200mL of water. For a mild flavour, use 225-250mL of water. Shake well for about 5 seconds. For better dissolution, do not use very cold water. Lyžička (odmerka) vnútri balenia.
Obsahuje mlieko. May contain traces of soya, egg and gluten. Doplnok stravy Obsahuje sladidlo.
Do not exceed the Recommended Daily Portion. This product should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Uchovávať mimo dosahu detí. Store tightly sealed in the original packaging in a cool, dry place, avoiding direct sunlight.
Find the answers to your questions in our FAQ.
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Natural Real Whey Protein 1000 g

In search of a protein that is free from artificial flavourings and sweeteners? Prozis Natural Real Whey Protein is what you need to grow your muscles. Give it a shot!
Natural Real Whey Protein 1000 g



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