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Sneakers - Destroyer

From the company that brought you the best peanut butter in the world.

Introducing the Destroyer, a versatile, featherlight sneaker focused on comfort, breathability, and designed for a wide range of activities.

Sneakers - Destroyer

Meet the Destroyer:

Sneakers - Destroyer

Soften the blow

Prozis Mega Cushion designed to absorb shock and eliminate bottoming out. Engineered to give each step a flexible and light feel.

Sneakers - Destroyer

Get a grip

Rubber sole on crucial points of the toe and heel area for durability and traction, for running on a variety of tracks and roads.

Sneakers - Destroyer

An upper that locks you in

Locking wire to help your foot stay put and well-positioned.

Sneakers - Destroyer

Reinforced and light

TPU in toe box for resistance.

Sneakers - Destroyer

Stability in each stride

Wide enough toe box for natural toe spread, and a steadier stride thanks to impact dispersion across the mid-foot.

Sneakers - Destroyer

A shoe that likes to snuggle

Inner slip-on sock for comfort and to make it easier to put on and take off the shoes. Added comfort during your run or general activity.

Sneakers - Destroyer

Characteristics / Materials

  • Max 27 mm mega EVA for shock absorption
  • Rubber track on heel and toe for traction
  • Nearly seamless TPU for reduced weight
  • Locking wire on either side for support and a secure fit
  • Reflective Prozis logo for high-vis night runs
  • Slip-on design for comfort and fit
  • PU Insole for comfort and stability
Sneakers - Destroyer

Care & Cleaning

Sneakers - Destroyer

1. Pour out the debris, remove the insole, loosen the laces, clean the shoes with a soft brush and water, and dry it in a cool and ventilated environment.

Sneakers - Destroyer

2. Clean the lining with a wet cloth and insert some newspaper to absorb any water on the inside if necessary.

Tabuľka veľkostí

Foot length (A)  
from (mm) to (mm) Size (EUR)
230 236 35
236 242 36
242 248 37
250 256 38
255 261 39
261 267 40
270 276 41
277 283 42
284 290 43
291 297 44
297 303 45
303 306 46
Prozis Sneakers

A note about size recommendations

The above table is intended to help choose the right shoe size for the right foot size. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the recommendations it provides are based on standard foot shapes, and that in specific cases the size as suggested by the table may not be the best option. If the measured foot length is intermediate and appears to be between two sizes, make sure to consider other factors for selecting the best size, such as instep height and thickness of usual socks.

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Sneakers - Destroyer Black M

Sneakers - Destroyer Black M



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