Oats-on-the-go Protein Porridge 60 g Review

Easy-to-prepare and with no added sugars, Protein Porridge by Prozis is a convenient on-the-go oat snack high in protein. Take it with you!

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On the go
Posted by: S Hulzebosch
Loving this oatmeal on the go!

Posted by: Wojciech Bolik

Rich of protein
Posted by: Antonio Mastellone
The fastest beckfast ever!

On the go
Posted by: Roberta Luscia
Good concept and macros are goodbut flavours are not exceptional. If you add milk / yoghurt instead of water it tastes better.

nutritious and not too sweet
Posted by: Ines Marie Flis
Less sweet than the instant oat sachets (which I do prefer) but so handy for mornings when any kind of cooking must be skipped.

Posted by: Denisa Ștefănescu
best for breakfast

No Taste
Posted by: Marco Greth
Sry, but this is the worst product prozis has to offer so farvin my opinion. It tastes like porrige made in water with no flavor. I dunno where the caramel shall be... But not in the cup But still it has 17g of proteins

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Sehr lecker, Danke
Posted by: Michael Koniuszewski
Nettes Gechenk, trotz Hammerpreisen. Danke

Ganz nett
Posted by: Niclas Zuch
Freut mich dass es so kleine Sachen dazu gibt

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