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Prozis Kool Rainbow

This is a collection that will inspire your colourful senses to dream wide awake! A rainbow that will follow you wherever you go, turning each day into a magical and special moment. Are you already dreaming of cotton candy painted in coral, or can you imagine yourself wandering on a full moon? Grab this rainbow of sensations and dream on!

Prozis Kool Rainbow


The triple-walled technology with a copper layer creates a condensation-free exterior, so your hands or your bag don't get wet.


Eco-friendly, reusable bottle. BPA-free.

Prozis Kool Rainbow
Prozis Kool Rainbow


Your charming bottle is ready to accompany you wherever you go (car cup holder-friendly) and on every occasion, whether at work or at the gym… or even on that special celebration! A touch of beauty that will follow wherever you go!


Made of high-grade vacuum-insulated 304 18/8 stainless steel.

Prozis Kool Rainbow
Prozis Kool Rainbow


In normal circumstances, Drinks stay cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.

Prozis Kool Rainbow

Leak proof

No more messy spills! One screw-in, leak-proof cap keeps your drink where it should stay: in your bottle!

Prozis Kool Bottle


17 oz. | 500 ml

Fitting a standard-sized cup holder, this 500 ml bottle will also fit your busy days perfectly. Whether you like your beverages hot or cold, the bottle is ready to quench your thirst, and it'll be a shining success both in your bag and on your desk! Cooling your drink a little more is a breeze, as you can simply add regular-sized ice cubes through the bottle's mouth.

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Prozis Kool Bottle

Kool highlights:

Car cup holder friendly | Screw-in leak-proof cap | Made of high-grade

vacuum-insulated 304 18/8 stainless steel

Prozis Kool Icon
  • DON’T place your bottle in the dishwasher. DON’T place your bottle in the microwave. DON’T freeze. DON’T overfill. NOT suitable for long-term storage of liquids.
  • The lid needs to be properly and truly tightened. Let dry with lid removed. Clean with warm soapy water.
  • Hot liquids can burn the user. Some juices and dairy-based beverages may spoil and, like alcohol, cause excessive pressure buildup, which can lead to lid failure or injury.

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Kool Бутылка - Sugar 500 ml

Бутылка Prozis Kool создана по технологии с тройными стенками и медным слоем, не образовывает конденсат на внешней стороне бутылки. Добавь яркости в свой мир!
Kool Бутылка - Sugar 500 ml

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