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USB Fan - Jet

The most stylish breeze in town

Beat the heat

Stuck in an office with air conditioning that barely cools the room? Truth be told, the air conditioning can only do so much when the hot sun is blasting through the windows. Alternatively, a fan can come as a great solution, improving air circulation and quality in your personal space.

But we're not talking about those bulky, loud things you have to search an electrical outlet for to plug it in. What you need is the Prozis Jet USB Fan. USB-powered, the Prozis Jet works like a charm and adds a modern look to your desk. Moreover, given its compact design, you can easily move it from room to room or even take it outdoors.

A powerful breeze

The Prozis Jet USB Fan guarantees the ultimate personal cooling experience: 3 front blades and 5 rear ones, driven by different motors, rotate in opposite directions to produce a powerful breeze.

The fan offers two speeds: you can choose between a natural breeze in quiet operation or a superior stream of cool air.

USB Fan - Jet
USB Fan - Jet

Touch-sensitive metal base

No knobs on this beauty. One touch on the metal base and it’s on, another changes its speed, and one more to turn it off. How cool is that?

USB Fan - Jet

Adjustable direction

This fan can operate in stationary mode or at an adjusted tilt angle: 2°; 18° back. This way you can get a steady stream of air directed exactly where you want it.

USB Fan - Jet

Unique design

The Prozis Jet USB Fan was designed with beauty and simplicity in mind.

Incredible lightweight (with only 268 g) and compact, yet sturdy, this fan blends seamlessly into your modern office space or house decor. Available in two timeless colors — black and white — it won’t take up space or ruin the feng shui of your desk.

USB Fan - Jet
  • USB Fan - Jet

    Two speed settings

  • USB Fan - Jet

    Energy-saving double motor

  • USB Fan - Jet

    18° angle adjustment

  • USB Fan - Jet

    Touch-sensitive metal base

USB Fan - Jet

How it works

1. Connect the USB cable to the fan and to a power source.

2. Touch the metal base to turn the fan on or off:

• touch once for low speed

• touch twice for high speed

• touch three times to turn it off

3. Adjust the tilt of the fan by grabbing the device motor shell and gently pushing it forward or backward. To keep it stationary, just keep it at a vertical angle.

USB Fan - Jet

Handy anywhere

1. Use it at your office desk.

2. Place it on your kitchen counter while cooking in the summer.

3. Place it on your sofa side table while watching your favorite TV series.

4. Take it on a camping trip. It will keep you cool on your adventures.

5. Use it for cooling the children’s bedroom.

USB Fan - Jet
USB Fan - Jet

What’s in the box?

• Prozis Jet USB Fan

• USB Charging Cable

• User Manual

Prozis Jet USB Fan Highlights:

Conveniently USB-powered

2 speeds

Adjustable direction

Touch controls

Compact and lightweight (268 g)

Elegant design

Available in 2 colors

Made in Non EU
User Manual
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USB-Вентилятор Jet - Белый

USB-Вентилятор Jet - Белый

Color Белый



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