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Prozis: European Leader in Sports Nutrition and Functional Foods.

Have you ever wondered what the first steps of Prozis were like? We have your answer right here! And we promise you, this short story will surprise you and remain interesting until the end. Prozis was founded in 2007, when a young student left university to pursue his dream of creating nutritional solutions for optimum health, strength and endurance. A dream that is now a reality, in the form of a company with worldwide recognition and of worldwide renown. How’s that for an ambitious project? Prozis is one of those textbook examples of how important determination is when it comes to reaching goals and overcoming challenges to make a dream come true. To this day, Prozis is still privately owned. Now backed by a team of over 400 young and highly motivated people, the company’s founder still has the same wish: to change the world. People often say that strength is built through unity, and Prozis is living proof of that. Due to continuous hard work, the company has been able to offer an ever-widening product range each step of the way, under their motto "Exceed yourself!” Everything started with just one brave person in a tiny garage. Today, that daring spirit lives on in a structure equipped with the most sophisticated proprietary technology. Prozis now makes its own products in its very own manufacturing facility, one of the most innovative in Europe, featuring state-of-the-art equipment, and also operates its own highly optimised warehouse with immediate response capacity, from which approximately 8000 orders are sent every day. Has your jaw dropped to the floor yet? Well, we’re still not done! Thanks to technological innovation and efficient production processes, as well as over 10,000 products commercialised worldwide that are competitive, varied, and safe, Prozis has been able to distinguish itself from the competition and place itself on the market's front line. With great enthusiasm and motivation to advance along the same path, we are proud to say that Prozis is the leader in supplementation and functional foods. Is this where the story ends? Since Prozis is only 10 years old, we're only just getting started. Chances are, part of what you read just now isn't even up to date anymore. While you were reading this, another hundred orders were sent and yet another idea for a revolutionary product was born. So, stay tuned! We promise to keep you posted about what's happening at the forefront of the supplementation and functional food business. Exceed Yourself!

Why do our customers love us?

Quality and certificates:

We care about the quality of what we put out in the market. It's important to us to subject our products to a series of rigorous tests to make sure they live up to their expectations.

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Innovation and efficiency:

The truth is that technology is our fuel. It is our wish to live the future today, which is why we believe technology is the most important factor that helps us grow.

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Product variety:

It's impossible to talk about Prozis' product variety without talking about the all-important factors of price, quality and distinctiveness.

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Best price guarantee:

There's only one way to make sure our price is right: by comparing our products to similar products available on the market. We've done the test, and before you try and guess what the result is, we can confirm you this: Prozis products distinguish themselves by their best price. That's a guarantee.

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Maximum customer satisfaction:

We believe that the satisfaction of our customers comes from a series of distinct, appealing initiatives. Much more than just a brand, our customers see us as partners who satisfy their most demanding needs.

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Logistics centre and delivery:

After an order is placed at Prozis, the time required for it to be sent ranges between just 2 and 16 hours.

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Как мы создаем нашу продукцию для наших клиентов

Разработка формулы и концептуализация продукции:

Весь процесс начинается с разработки формул и концептуализации продукции. Многопрофильная команда, состоящая из инженеров пищевой промышленности, диетологов и ученых, ежедневно прилагает усилия, чтобы гарантировать качество продуктов Prozis, которые ты потребляешь, и чтобы найти новые решения для удовлетворения всех твоих потребностей. С самого первого шага наша цель состояла в том, чтобы предоставить тебе множество инновационной и эффективной продукции, которая поможет тебе воплотить в реальность свои цели.


Мы работаем с самыми лучшими поставщиками, чтобы убедиться, что все, что мы производим, имеет самое высокое качество. Поставщики выбираются не те, кто осуществляют поставки по более выгодным ценам, а на основании их надежности и данных ими гарантий, которые смогут нам помочь полностью удовлетворить все твои потребности, чтобы наши отношения с тобой длились в течение долгих лет.


Мы используем лучшие ингредиенты и самые передовые технологии, чтобы удивлять тебя качеством продукции, признанной во всем мире. Технологический потенциал наших производственных процессов, который включает в себя самое современное оборудование, ставит нас на передний план на рынке. Программное обеспечение, которое мы используем разработано полностью в рамках и в соответствии с нашими собственными конкретными потребностями, что делает нас одной из самых эффективных компаний в мире.

Логистический центр:

Наш логистический центр включает 45000 м2 чистой технологии. Среднее время подготовки заказа, размещенного на веб-сайте Prozis - время с момента размещения заказа до момента, пока заказ будет полностью упакован, занимает всего две минуты. Мы имеем полную прослеживаемость каждого продукта с нашего склада - с момента размещения заказа на сайте до момента, когда ты получишь его у себя дома.


Каждый день мы обрабатываем более 8000 заказов. Наши продукты правильно герметично упакованы и отправляются в запечатанных в коробках, чтобы убедиться, что они доставлены по твоему адресу в отличном состоянии. Заказы отправляются в среднем в диапазоне от 2 часов до 16 часов, так что тебе никогда не придется ограничивать себя в продуктах Prozis.

Ecological sustainability

This aspect has become really important to us, which is why all Prozis packaging materials are 100% ecological and 100% recyclable. 99% of the waste material at Prozis is processed and used in recycling. Every week we recycle about 400 kg of plastic, roughly 2 metric tonnes of wood, and over 8 metric tonnes of cardboard.

Customer service

The Prozis Customer Service department includes native speakers from the several countries where the company is active every day. 20 countries are represented at our customer care centre. That's how we guarantee greater cultural proximity and, above all, maximum efficiency when addressing your needs. Any questions you'd like to ask us? Contact us!

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