Zero Choconut 40 g Review

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Really tasty
Posted by: Michela Giammaria
Really tasty

amazing taste
Posted by: Olga Koleva
i wasnt sure for the taste , but now i love them

dream balls
Posted by: Mónika Menyhárt
I like it. :))))

Really good
Posted by: Berta Ruiz Agut
Th only bad thing I can say is that I cant stop eating them, really worth it. It tastes completely natural and doesn't have added sugars.

Zero Choconut
Posted by: Catarina Andrade
Perfect size for person who has the feeling for something sweet. The choco bals were really good, and is even better since there is no sugar added. Is enough to kill the need of the sweet. For sure to buy it once more.

Perfect snack!
Posted by: Amdrea Pagonyi
I'm pretty sweet-mouthed and it is very delicious. The problem is it's too good. : D

diet approved
Posted by: Tina Roxana
great to snack

Posted by: Tillinger Tímea
My favorite snack with cinema

Posted by: Jam Padilla
This was ok, I liked the other ones (candy colored ones) more

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