Whey Protein - Freakin Good 900 g Review

Looking for a tasty protein supplement? Prozis Freakin' Good Whey Protein is a quality whey protein with the most awesome flavours.The temptation is real!

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Posted by: Carlita Mitchner
I absolutely love the flavor of this protein powder. The nutrients are great. You don't need to add a lot of water, which is sort of a pity because you can't drink much. My only complaint is that the serving requires 2.5 scoops. I wish they would just give one scoop big enough for the serving.

great protein powder
Posted by: Sandu Cosmin
good quality, good taste

Thumbs Up
Posted by: Rikke Skou Jensen
Taste like candy.

Peanut butter
Posted by: Roos Van Den Broek
I really love this one! The flavour is not really sweet or intense which I like. It mixes well with water or milk and works great in oatmeal

Bonbon flavour, love it!!
Posted by: Estanis Berbegal
Bonbon flavour tastes amazing with hazelnut or almond milk. It is a must try. Great for smoothies, and oatmeal.

good quality
Posted by: Marcelo Mayser
best flavour i've tried so far

Posted by: Sandu Cosmin
Good mixability and great taste!

Posted by: Konstantinos Fotopoulos
It taste good but have a lot of carbs

peanut butter flavor
Posted by: Laura Amanda Valtmane
both the texture and the taste is amazing! blends perfectly.

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