12 x Diet Bar 35 g Review

The war against flavourless diet food is over! Introducing the Diet Bar by Prozis, delicious and rich in protein, your ally for weight loss diets.

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Posted by: Rachel Rylands
I love the cinnamon roll bars they re my favorite thing to eat before or after the gym!!!

Best bars
Posted by: Joana Ferreira
Good nutrients and price vs. quality!

Posted by: Sara Fuso
Sweet break!

after taste
Posted by: Teele Tamme
very strange

No just diet - plenty of protein too.
Posted by: Vicky Panter
Great snack for around 100 calories, needs to be promoted that its more than just a diet bar, it is stacked with protein too - this is now my favourite protein bar.

love these bars
Posted by: Stanislava Antova
they are super delicious, the cookie ones are the best!

Great protein bars
Posted by: Melvin Gatt
These snacks are both delicious and provide a good chunk of protein for your diet!

My favorite bar.:)
Posted by: Mónika Menyhárt
My favorite flavor is cinnamon.

Really good
Posted by: Carlos Viruete
Really good tasting, cinammon roll the best imo, good source of protein

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