Earn 10% of your followers' order value

by sharing links on social networks or livestreams

Fan Links

Earn Prozis store credit, the easy way! Fan Links are a super fun and easy-to-use tool to increase engagement for your benefit as well as ours. Find all the info you need right here and get going right away!

How do Fan Links work?

It all comes down to 3 easy steps:


1. Create

Use the Fan Link button on any Prozis product page to generate a unique Fan Link that links to the product you’ve chosen.


2. Share

Share this link in whatever way you wish. Posts, streams, videos, but also e-mails or text messages, it’s all possible. Whoever opens the link is directed to the respective product page at


3. Earn

If anyone accessing the site through the link makes a purchase, you receive 10% of that amount as Prozis store credit, which you can then convert into a coupon to spend on our website!


  • Where can I check the Fan Links I’ve created and shared?

    The Fan Links page on your account Dashboard gives you all the information you need. The product each link leads to, the creation date, the number of visits, the accumulated amount, and a handy copy-to-clipboard button in case you want to share the link again. And lastly, the all-important "convert to coupon" button.

  • How many Fan Links can I create?

    You can create as many Fan Links as you want, and share them as many times as you want, too! However, you’ll likely be better off sharing one link that will generate a lot of activity than ten that are only accessed occasionally. You’ll want to make them count.

  • The Fan Link I’ve created and shared isn’t on my dashboard. Is something wrong?

    Your Fan Link may not be available right away, but it will be soon! And just as important, even while it’s still invisible, the amount of visits and the accumulated amount are already being monitored by our system.