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Prozis Multi-Probiotic


Prozis Multi-Probiotic
Synergistic Probiotics
Prebiotic Effect


Prozis Multi-Probiotic contains 1.5 billion CFU - colony forming units - of probiotics, which are microorganisms. This formula combines as many as 7 species of bacteria that contribute to better overall digestion.


Apart from the Multi-Probiotic blend by Prozis, this formula incorporates Inulin, a type of dietary fiber belonging to a class commonly referred to as fructans. Fructans are found in plants and consist of naturally-occurring polysaccharides. Inulin works as a prebiotic, a non-digestible food ingredient.


Bacteria are microorganisms that can be found in many parts of our body. There are harmful and beneficial bacteria. We rely on the action of several bacteria to keep our digestive system functioning normally and smoothly. Proper digestive function depends on the delicate balance between these two types of bacteria.

Prozis Multi-Probiotic


Subjected to rigorous tests in advanced labs, this product is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

For What?

Prozis developed Multi-Probiotic to provide you with an extra intake of beneficial bacteria. Please keep in mind that a balanced and varied diet is essential to a healthy lifestyle. This supplement should not be regarded as a food substitute.

For Whom?

This supplement is intended for all people who can use the help of a probiotic blend. Athletes can benefit from this formula as well, along with active people.

Prozis Multi-Probiotic highlights:

  • Probiotic and prebiotic effect
  • Provides a wide array of bacteria
  • Suitable for athletes and active people
  • High-quality product

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Multi-Probiotic 1.5 Billion 240 caps

Prozis Multi-Probiotic 1.5 Billion supplies an unbeatable combination of bacteria. Here are 1.5 billion reasons to support digestive wellness. Take yours!
Multi-Probiotic 1.5 Billion 240 caps

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