Our Promise

Our Promise

We’re not Perfect. We. Are. Human.

We strive to become better every day, but a few mistakes along the way are to be expected. Trial and error strengthen our path and help us learn, evolve, and exceed ourselves.
It's a learning curve—bear with us. 

Commitment to Value

Our goal is simply to create exceptional products. This is only possible through our vertical integration model where we control all parts of the product journey from design to delivery. This way we guarantee we’re offering you the best value possible for high-quality goods.
Expect nothing but the best.

It's not about the money. We’re on a Mission.

While we understand that money makes the world go round, we are driven by a greater sense of purpose and a mission to improve people’s lives.
You don't need to take our word for it—we'll prove it to you.  

Passion for Beauty 

Design, architecture, art, cinema, poetry, sculpture, music, photography, and nature—we love it all.
Our products must be an expression of our passion, so we strive to do everything beautifully. When it comes to Prozis, it's not just about building a company. It's about embodying the kind of creativity that will stand the test of time.
Prozis is our masterpiece.

We Love the Future

We live for tomorrow, making sure to push our limits every single day. Innovation is part of our DNA because we want the future now.
It's not about thinking outside—or inside—the box.
For us, there is no box.

Truth is an investment

Great photos and embellished product descriptions will only take you so far.
At Prozis, we are committed to delivering on our promises, and we believe truth will pay out in the end—even if that payout is simply sleeping better at night.
Truth is our driving force.

Ethics above all

We are a fast-paced company in a fast-paced world—harsh at times, but we strive to treat people the way we’d like to be treated. Our treatment of others is a reflection of and rooted in Christian and Western ethics, so we don’t discriminate based on color, religion, sexuality, or culture. Our guiding compass is our unwavering dedication to our morals and principles.
Don’t try to change us—you will not succeed. 

We look up to Justice

Our mission is to improve your life, so you, the customer, are at the heart of everything we do.
However, even though we’re focused on our customers, that doesn’t mean they’re always right—just as we’re not. Standing up for what we believe is a hill we’re willing to die on, but so is treating you fairly. As such, if you believe you’ve been treated unjustly, please send an email to [email protected]. It will go directly to our CEO’s mailbox.
We’ve got your back.

We Believe that we can make our World better

On our mission to improve people’s lives, we never forget about our tireless employees, our partners, or our neighbors. Our goal is to leave a lasting legacy that will benefit future generations.
There may be innocence on our belief that we can make a better world, but we are steadfast in our commitment to work tirelessly until the day we die.
This is our promise.