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Mediterranean-inspired meals developed by nutritionists

Easy & Fitsy - Diet For Man
Easy and Fitsy - Diet for Man Label

An Easy and Fitsy category designed for men who are worried about their physical well-being and seek to choose a healthy lifestyle. All suggestions take into consideration your daily calorie needs, combining fresh flavours and ingredients with wonderful ways of cooking. A healthy delight!

Easy & Fitsy - Diet For Woman
Easy and Fitsy - Diet for Woman Label

This is our Easy and Fitsy range for all women who are watching their weight and want to keep fit! A selection of products designed to meet your daily calorie needs, featuring delicious suggestions, always with fresh, tasty ingredients, always ready for you to enjoy!

Easy & Fitsy - Wellicious Cook
Easy and Fitsy - Wellicious Cook Label

Those who eat healthily don't necessarily want to lose weight! Eating healthily is a choice, a life motto for those who seek to feel well by ingesting rich nutrients in a varied, balanced diet. We're also here for all those who are looking for easy, quick meals that will leave them feeling well and healthy! The "Wellicious Cook" range has several inviting menus, prepared with the freshest ingredients in truly surprising combinations!

Easy & Fitsy - Creamy Soup
Easy and Fitsy - Creamy Soup

A creamy soup will always complement your meal perfectly! Cooked with only the freshest seasonal ingredients, these soups are carb-free: the velvety textures were created using only greens and vegetables. The combination of fibres, minerals and vegetables will help you stay fit and feel good - the things we all seek to lead a fullest, healthier life.

Fresh, healthy meals,
ready for you to enjoy!

Tell me what you're eating and I will let you know if you're looking out for your health and well-being! The Prozis Easy and Fitsy range is an innovative concept, not only because it features a tasty selection of mediterranean-inspired meals, high in vegetables and without any processed foods, additives or preservatives, but also because it's been designed by nutritionists, bearing in mind each individual's specific organic needs.

Discover the best of both worlds, where flavour and health meet for sheer gastronomic delight.

Gama de Produtos Easy and Healthy

Mediterranean diet:
more freshness at your table.

Mediterranean Diet - classified as Intangible Heritage by UNESCO - is considered, along with regular exercise, paramount for living healthily, without forgetting the pleasure of enjoying a delicious meal, accompanied by a friendly get-together and a feeling of well-being. Simple, colourful, tasty dishes, composed of vegetables, quality bread and low refined grain, dry and fresh legumes, nuts and oleaginous fruits. All meals are carefully prepared using seasonal ingredients, without processed foods, additives or preservatives.

Easy & Fitsy - Fácil Saborear

It's easy to prepare something that is tasty,
but fit.

All Easy & Fitsy meals have been conceived by nutritionists so as to meet the needs of all consumers. The portions are adjusted for men and women who have little time to prepare tasty, healthy meals. You can now enjoy the comfort of having delicious pre-cooked meals at hand that will help you keep in shape and boost everyone's sense of well-being.

Easy & Fitsy - Easy Porque ?


- They are ready-to-eat meals

- They have been created to save purchase, preparation and cooking time

- They can be eaten at home or at work

Easy & Fitsy - Para quem ?

Who are we cooking for?

You! We have 3 meal ranges so as to meet different nutritional needs and calorie intakes - "Diet for Man", "Diet for Woman" and "Wellicious Cook". All Easy and Fitsy meals are refined by nutritionists and cooked with love by our chefs, especially designed for men and women who seek to lose weight or lose fat mass, without compromising muscle mass. Our motto is to "encourage a healthy lifestyle as promotors of well-being and health"!

From our kitchen to your table

Easy and Fitsy - Processo - Preparação


Our nutritionists and chefs prepare meals that are especially rich and healthy!

Easy and Fitsy - Processo - Transporte


Meals are transported in a refrigerated vehicle (temperatures range between -15ºC and -20ºC).

Easy and Fitsy - Processo - Conservação


Upon receiving your order, place it in the freezer immediately! It will maintain its quality and nutrients. If you need to transport it, use an isothermal bag!

Easy and Fitsy - Processo - Microondas

Ready to eat

All you need to do is heat it up in the microwave (6 minutes). The packages are suitable for this!

Easy N Fitsy Refrigerated Meals

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