Turkey Jerky 50 g Opportunity Review

Are you mad about meat, and craving for a new and exciting tasty bite? Enjoy Prozis Turkey Jerky - delish slices of dried meat, ready to savour anywhere.

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Good opportunity
Posted by: Xie Kailin
Temporary promotion is the best chance to get the jerky which is a bit expensive with its common price. The turkey jerkey is less dry than beef, and the pepper flavor is pretty cool.

not bad / not great
Posted by: Filipe Guerreiro
not bad / not great

Great product!
Posted by: Diego Coelho
Great product!

My pre workout meal
Posted by: Martin Molnár
Tasty and amazing

Posted by: Alejandro Luna Szewczyk
Very healthy, with a lot of proteins and delicious to eat!

The best snack!
Posted by: Bonnie Bruce
High protein, SUPER tasty and the perfect on the go snack. One of my absolute favourite products.

Great Taste
Posted by: Carlton Johnson
Very lean taste with not much of the salty flavour

great taste
Posted by: Mariana Guimaraes
amazing snack, my cat got crazy with this, very tasty

So good
Posted by: Lucas Ferreira
It tastes weird at begin but then it's like popcorn

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