Palatinose™ 900 g Review

Prozis Palatinose is a pure sugar based only on sucrose from sugar beet. Ideal for baking and cooking, and an excellent alternative to other carbohydrates.

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execelent product
Posted by: Domenico Gendarmi
Serious company. Execelent Quality Good Price

Fine product
Posted by: Ilkka Korhonen
They say it provides slow-releasing energy that does not make you fat like faster carbs might. Hard to say, it's hard to lose fat even after I've switched to this product. At any way, it's as good as an energy source as normal sports drink mixes and not any more expensive. You just have to add flavoured bcaa and electrolytes yourself. Think I am going to give this the benefit of a doubt and keep using.

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Posted by: Roland Diz Fernández
Spüre es beim Training

Cumple su función
Posted by: Jorge Alonso Rodríguez
Fácil de tomar

Buena disolucion
Posted by: Jorge Peña
Un basico

Palatinosa en estado puro
Posted by: Gabriel González Domínguez
Es un buen producto, para los que entrenamos durante mucho tiempo es un complemento a tener en cuenta. Se lo recomiendo sobre todo a deportistas de resistencia.

Buen sabor
Posted by: Jose Pérez
Buen sabor

Posted by: Allan Kristensen
muy buena fuente de hidratos

perfecto para entrenar
Posted by: Federico Figueredo Ojeda
no tiene sabor y se puede añadir a otras bebidas. lo uso intraentreno y va fenomenal

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