Energy Ultra Recovery 800 g Review

Here is one of the most effective recovery supplements you'll find! Prozis Energy Ultra Recovery is a post-workout formula charged with vitamins, magnesium and potassium to promote muscle growth and restore everything you lost during your workout.

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451 reviews
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Great product
Posted by: Mike Hartland
2 hours after a workout I feel like working out again

Posted by: Leonard Beldean
Good product.Help me a lot!

Perfect taste
Posted by: Isabelle Masson
The taste is perfect, even with water ! it is always a pleasure to drink it after a workout and i really believe it is helpful for the muscles as i felt less pain in the following days

High Quality
Posted by: Susana Figueiredo
I love this product....really does the job after a workout!!! Also really tasty which makes it so easy to drink after.

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Posted by: Korbinian Knott
Sehr Gutes Produkt

Gut nach dem Training
Posted by: Fabrice Jobin
Hilft deutlich bei der Muskelerholung nach intensivem training

Posted by: Ahmet Karakaya
ich muss zu geben es ist echt lecker und man spürt die volle Energy auf jeden Fall empfehlen

Ultra Recovery! Inklusive Protein!
Posted by: Stefano Pafumi
Hier ist einfach alles drin, was der Körper direkt nach dem Sport benötigt. In bewährter PROZIS Qualität.

Posted by: Sina Gallmann
finde ich gut

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