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Tote Bag - Shibuya
Shibuya Tote Bag

Moshi Moshi

Inspired by the trend-setting shopping district of Tokyo, the Shibuya is a city-focused tote bag.

Designed with colors reminiscent of Japan, and with a very clean and toned-down approach that contrasts perfectly with the colorful chaos of the famous city quarter.
Tote Bag - Shibuya

To function perfectly in an urban environment, we designed this bag with a fully zippered opening, and for organization purposes we included one zippered pocket and one pouch on the inside.

Tote Bag - Shibuya
Fully zippered opening.
Zippered pocket and pouch on the inside.
Tote Bag - Shibuya
Tote Bag - Shibuya
With colors reminiscent of Japan.
Tote Bag - Shibuya Tote Bag - Shibuya

The bright orange lining was added so you can always find what you're looking for.

Tote Bag - Shibuya

Made in Non EU
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Tote Bag - Shibuya Crème

Tote Bag - Shibuya Crème

204,25 zł

Color Cream



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