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Standard Speed Rope

  • Great for high-intensity cardio
  • Lightweight and durable
  • With bearing system
  • 1.5 mm diameter steel cable
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Definitely no child's play

Say hello to the ultimate conditioning workout tool. That's right, the jump rope has been the go-to cardio training instrument for athletes in all manner of disciplines for many years now. And although such high-intensity exercise is anything but child's play, it's still fun!

Jumping rope develops speed, agility and coordination for a tip-top physical condition. Use it as a warm-up, an aerobic exercise, or combine it with weight training to work on your power and endurance. A low-impact exercise in itself, jumping rope is suitable for virtually any training program. The Prozis Standard Speed Rope has a coated steel cable and a bearing system for speed, smoothness and durability, so you can train to your heart's content. It'll surely make your heart beat faster, you can be sure of that!

Prozis Bottle

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Prozis Standard Speed Rope

Your ideal cardio partner? Prozis Standard Speed Rope fits almost any workout program and will last for many trainings to come. Jump up and do it!
Prozis Standard Speed Rope


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