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A new approach to safekeeping

If you're familiar with padlocks, you know they can be quite a hassle. They imply fumbling around with keys that you keep in your backpack — or in the pocket of your trousers, or maybe in your coat? Oh, where was it again… Alternatively, they work with a number sequence that your brain somehow can't quite memorize properly so it always seems to have slipped your mind right when you need it.

It goes without saying that it's important to keep your belongings safe, whether you're keeping them in your bag, suitcase, or gym locker. On the other hand, you certainly have more pressing matters on your mind, and seriously, keys and combinations are just soo last century! There's got to be an easier way.

Well, of course there is! Thanks to this Prozis Fingerprint Padlock, the problems mentioned above are in the past. It's still a padlock, of course, but thanks to its sophisticated fingerprint-recognition technology, it's infinitely more practical and safer!

Fingerprint padlocks S2
Icon finger

Only your finger unlocks it. No keys, no passwords.

Icon user

Store up to 10 fingerprints.

Fingerprint padlocks S2
Icon unlock

Unlocks in under a second.

Icon anvil

Tough zinc-alloy body and steel wire (diameter: 3.5 mm).

Fingerprint padlocks S2
Icon battery

More than 2500 uses per complete charge.

Fingerprint padlocks S2
Icon feather

Light and small, at just 55 g.

Icon phone

No smartphone needed.

Icon Water

IP65 weatherproof, against rain and dust.

Made in Non EU
EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
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User Manual
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Fingerprint Padlock FL-S2 - Black

Keep forgetting the code or key to your padlock? Here's the solution: the slim FL-S2 Fingerprint Padlock by Prozis! Relax, your belongings are kept safe.
Fingerprint Padlock FL-S2 - Black



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