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Now that you've chosen a healthy lifestyle, you must be strong. Discipline! No sweets, no indulgence! Or else, you might as well say goodbye to your health and fitness goals and feel miserable for the rest of your life.

Does it really have to be that way?

No, but we had you going there, didn't we! All kidding aside now, Prozis Protein Malts prove that it's perfectly possible these days to find a nutritionally balanced snack that's pleasing to the palate too. After all, you wouldn't be here on this webpage if it weren't! Food science has come a long way in recent times, so why sacrifice taste for health if you can have both?

Protein Malts 35g
  • 15g PROTEIN




Just to be clear: our Protein Malts are not calorie-free. To achieve the right balance between strictly guilt-free and utterly indulging, some concessions had to be made in the formula. For the sake of flavour and texture, not all sugars and fats were kept out. Nevertheless, Prozis Protein Malts are higher in protein and have decreased sugar and fat content. And they are a decent source of calcium to boot.

What you get is the excellent flavour of chocolate wrapped around a crunchy, protein-rich core. They make for an incredibly delicious treat that is perfect for when you watch a game, read a book or catch up on your favourite TV series, but equally suitable to take with you to work. Be advised though: when you're around other people you may attract unwanted attention, since besides a nutritional punch, they also pack a mean, loud crunch!

Comparing regular malts with Prozis Protein Malts

Protein Malts 35g Protein Malts 35g
Per 100 g Regular Malts● Protein Malts
Protein 2.5 g 43 g
Sugars 53 g 17 g
Carbohydrate 68 g 29 g
Fat 23 g 18 g
Calcium 100 mg 514mg

● When compared against the reference product "45017971, Chocolate Malted Milk Balls, UPC: 070227502144" (2017 USD, National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference).

Protein Malts 35g


  • The perfect balance between guilt-free and utterly delicious
  • Convenient snack to take along
  • 43% protein
  • Source of calcium
  • Made with the highest-quality protein sources

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10 x Protein Malts 35 g

Seeking a crunchy treat with better nutritional values that's just as pleasing to the palate? Prozis Protein Malts are a guilt-free, delicious, perfect snack on the go with 43% protein and decreased sugar and fat content.
10 x Protein Malts 35 g

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