Nano Shaker Follow Your Passion + 2 x Sachet 100% Real Whey Protein 25g

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Prozis Nano Shaker

Shake it up

Form and function

The shakers at Prozis have different shapes and sizes, to meet the needs of the many people who use them. Regardless of whether you're a casual gym-goer or an avid bodybuilder, you're sure to find one to your liking! Each model features a distinct ergonomic design, and a mesh strainer on the inside to prevent lump formation. All shakers are leak-proof, easy to clean, and made of high-quality BPA-free polypropylene that holds its own in the microwave, freezer or dishwasher.

The power of words

The shakers come in a variety of colours, and each features a unique Prozis-style message for a confidence boost on your more successful days, and to lift your spirits whenever you're going through tougher times. Just pick your favourite colour/phrase, and you'll be all set to shake it up!

Prozis Nano Shaker

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Nano Shaker Follow Your Passion + 2 x Sachet 100% Real Whey Protein 25g
  • 1x - Nano Shaker Follow Your Passion 300ml + 150ml (Color Red)
  • 2x - Sachet 100% Real Whey Protein 25 g (Flavor Chocolate)

This product is only available through the ProzisPoints program.

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