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Gaining Weight and Muscle Mass

Difficulties with gaining weight are often related to insufficient calorie intake or excessive calorie burn in endurance sports. Try to increase your calorie intake and reduce training time.
Gaining Weight and Muscle Mass
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Follow these tips and start progressing today!


Strength training with few reps and heavy weights. Natural exercises with functional movements - Squats, Presses and Deadlifts. Limit your practice of endurance sports.


Increase your intake of all macronutrients, during all of the meals you have.


Supplementation will help you increase your calorie intake and your strength.

Products to reach my Goals


The goal of a pre-workout supplement is to provide training motivation. As pre-workouts also tend to support the transport of nutrients to the muscles, they can help the muscles grow more quickly.


Protein is essential for muscle building, muscles simply won't grow without it. Those with difficulty gaining weight don't need to worry about taking a low-carb protein supplement, making concentrates the best option. Also, take casein before going to bed so your muscles are fed while you sleep for 8 hours.


Creatine will increase your muscle strength and mass. When you're stronger, you'll be able to do heavier trainings, leading to even more muscle growth in turn.


Gainers are a great option for those who experience difficulties with weight gain. If you eat well and train even better, yet still you don't seem to succeed at gaining bodyweight, a gainer will provide you with the calories required for this to happen.

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