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Prozis Wild Cap

The Wild Thing Collection

The Prozis Wild Thing collection was created as a beacon of self-expression. We are defined only by our own commitment towards the pursuit of quality and the manifestation of an uncompromising, forward-thinking attitude.

We aim to do whatever we want, whenever we want, following a myriad of inspirations that fall under an inclusive, cross-generational and multicultural umbrella, with lifestyle and the celebration of conviction, passion, and enthusiasm as the only pillars behind our ideas.

We strive to always push boundaries, and to lift the spirits of everyone who wears our products.

Prozis Wild Cap

The Baseball Cap

The baseball cap started as a sun visor on the baseball fields of the United States in the late 19th century, but wasn’t long before it was adopted by musicians, politicians, and celebrities. As the 20th century dawned, the iconic hat moved off the field and into everyday wardrobes.

As it gained popularity, the style also crossed borders. Men and women around the world began to play with the style, turning the baseball cap backwards or sideways as a symbol of personal expression. Today, it is worn to show support for a team, as a fashion statement or a way to get a message across.

Prozis Wild Cap

Go Tigers

Made from the finest cotton corduroy, this baseball cap incorporates texture and style into your daily looks. It presents the perfect balance between durability, comfort, warmth, and a velvety feel.

And because the baseball cap is still an important part of sports teams, we should admit our admiration for the Tigers. We cherish their stripes and ferocity, and the “Eye of the Tiger” song always gets us pumped up! So, anyway, GO TIGERS!

Prozis Wild Cap

100% Cotton Corduroy

A soft and warm fabric that keeps you comfortable when temperatures drop.

No advanced technology here, just a classic fabric that provides extra warmth when the conditions call for it. This corduroy is both comfortable and good-looking, and its weight helps keep you protected during colder days.

Just remember this fabric requires a little extra care due to its cotton tufts.

Washing & Care

Prozis Wild Cap

Do not machine wash

Sponge clean only

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Reshape while damp


100% Cotton

Made in Non EU
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Wild Thing Baseball Cap - Tigers Black

Wild Thing Baseball Cap - Tigers Black

Color Black



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