Vegan Omega 3 - Flaxseed Oil 90 veg softgels Review

Prozis Vegan Omega-3 provides a great plant-based source of ALA as an alternative to fish oil, making life much easier on vegans and vegetarians.

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Posted by: Giacomo Innocenti
perfect for vegan

Great Product
Posted by: Adrian Pauch
Great Product

Good stuff
Posted by: Pandelea Dan
Perfect source of omega 3 !

Good taste
Posted by: Alexandra Cristiana Salapa
I never liked the omega3 taste. But this is pretty good and the nutrițional label is awesome.

Good product
Posted by: Razvan Popescu
Good product.

So good.
Posted by: Almudena Diaz
I'm so thankful that I tried it. As a Vegetarian I was worry to dead that my level of omega 3 weren't higher enought until I discovered the omega 3 vegan supplements. So good and I highly recommended product.

Great product
Posted by: Ramona Bezzeg
I was looking for a high quality vegan omega and found it in this product.

Posted by: Mandy Browne
i'm a vegetarian and i take these daily! They are excellent!

Good product
Posted by: S M
Good vegetarian source for Omega3

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